Flag Tattoos

Flag Tattoos Flag Tattoos

Flag Tattoos are quite popular and they are a great way to represent one’s country and homeland. These tattoos are a great way to show national pride and heritage of your home country. A flag tattoos of your homeland represents that special bond and pride you have for your country and home.Flag tattoos can also be a symbol of pride in a persons’ identity and alliances. For instance gay and lesbian flags are quite popular, as well are anarchy and religious symbols.

Flag Tattoos History

During the peak of the age of sail, beginning in the early 17th century, it has been customary (and later a legal requirement) for ships to carry flags designating their nationality.  these flags eventually evolved into the national flags and maritime flags of today. In the the High Middle Ages flags came to be used primarily as a heraldic device in battle, allowing more easily to identify a knight than only from the heraldic device painted on the shield. In antiquity, field signs or standards were used in warfare that can be categorized as vexilloid or “flag-like”.

Flag Tattoos Meaning and Design

Flag tattoo designs are a powerful way for an individual to symbolize their love, devotion, patriotism and sense of national pride for their country. These being symbols of expression, are can also be used to show love or appreciation when honoring someone who lost their life when representing their country.  This means that you are proud for the role they played for their country..Flag tattoos are usually put in a combination with another design.  For example, one can get a dove carrying a flag. This is so because; a dove has a symbolic meaning of peace. So the meaning of this tattoo has something to with the peace of a country.  This is an ideal choice especially if a country has been ravaged by war or conflict.  To express your message of patriotism and love for this country, you should consider getting a flag tattoo.  This will also signify calm and forgiveness.

Flag Tattoos Ideas

Chicago Flag Tattoos
The original two stars honor the Chicago Fire and the World’s Columbian Exposition. The other two were added to commemorate the Century of Progress Exposition (1933) and the founding of Fort Dearborn (1939). Looking at today’s flag, we talk about the stars as if they are in chronological order of the events: Fort Dearborn, Chicago Fire, World’s Columbian Exposition, and Century of Progress.

American Flag Tattoos
The American flag tattoo is a great way to show the way you feel about your country. The American flag tattoo represents everything it means to be from the United States of America. The American flag tattoo is also popular among those serving in the United States military, army, and navy. There are a variety of different reasons that people choose to get the American flag tattoo. With all the different meanings, styles, and variations, it is no wonder that this tattoo design is so popular.

Aussie Flag Tattoos/ Australia Flag Tattoos
The flag is a defaced Blue Ensign: a blue field with the Union Flag in the canton (upper hoist quarter), and a large white seven-pointed star known as the Commonwealth Star in the lower hoist quarter. The fly contains a representation of the Southern Cross constellation, made up of five white stars – one small five-pointed star and four, larger, seven-pointed stars.

Belarus Flag Tattoos
The green stripe symbolizes the future. Green is the color of hope, spring and revival and the color of Belarus’ lands forests and fields. The red represents Belarus’ past and the blood of the country’s defenders. The Belarusian flag’s decorative pattern symbolizes Belarus’ rich cultural heritage, its spiritual continuity, and the unity of its people.

Argentina Flag Tattoos
The flag of Argentina has three horizontal stripes of sky blue, white and sky blue. On the white stripe is a sun with 32 wavy and straight alternating rays.

Puerto Rican Flag Tattoos

  • Three red stripes that symbolize the blood shed in the name of the three branches of a democratic government.
  • Two white stripes that symbolize freedom and liberty.
  • The blue triangle represents Puerto Rico’s government.•The white star represents the Commonwealth itself.

Rebel Flag Tattoos
The Rebel flag tattoos are still a matter of controversy, but when do rebels care. They wear rebel flags as a symbol of pride and for honoring the Southern heritage. It’s their way to express resistance to centralized power and retain regional superiority.

Confederate Flag Tattoos
The Confederate flag has been a longtime symbol of controversial debate for over a century and rightfully so. Confederate flag tattoos are very popular among the Southern states and it has been associated as a “redneck symbol”.Confederate flag tattoos can be portrayed in a variety of different designs and creative ways. In this article, you will be able to view all the different ways that Confederate flag tattoos are portrayed. We will look at the history of the flag and exactly why this tattoo receives so much criticism.