Fairies! We all know that they’re sweet little whimsical creatures that fly around delivering love and good deeds to those fortunate to encounter them, right? I’m afraid that’s only half the story.

Fairies, also called fairies, “the little people”, “the fair people”, faeri, sidhe and even banshee, are both loved and feared in folklore. Sure, a good fairy may bestow wonderful gifts and magical charms upon a human that it admires, but if you get on the wrong side of a fairy, you’re in for a heap of trouble! Bad luck, illness or even death can befall anyone who dares to offend a fairy.

None-the-less, fairy tattoos are quite popular with women who want to show their magical and mystical side. Men wear fairy tattoos because, um, well – I don’t really know why a man would want to wear a fairy tattoo. I’d be interested in hearing some reasons.

History of Fairies

Fairies of all shapes, sizes and personalities have appeared in stories and folklore, around the world, for at least 1500 years. Popularized by Walt Disney, as well as the Brothers Grimm, famous for their Fairy Tales, fairies are as much a part of our culture today as they were way back then.

Fairies are miniature human-like creatures, many who have wings, who can often change shape and disappear at will. There are both male and female fairies who either live in communities of fairies (called trooping groups), or who live alone (called solitary fairies). Trooping Groups are most popular in Ireland, it seems.

According to legend, all fairies live underground in forests. Their homes can be found by locating circles of stones, called fairy stones, on the forest floor. Woe to the human who disturbed these circles or tries to dig down to the fairy home! Disturbed fairies can be quite vindictive!

Why the Fairy?

Either you know about the loving and the vindictive sides of fairies, and you use your Fairy Tattoos to let all men know that you can be a wonderful person unless someone disturbs your “circle of stones”, or you’re simply in love with the magic and (sometimes) playful nature of fairies and you’re looking to show off your free-spirit side.

  • Fairy Tattoos are frequently paired with butterflies to capture the mystical and the practical side of nature.
  • Fairy Tattoos are typically small and are frequently placed on the ankle or shoulder where they can be readily seen.
  • Celtic Fairy Tattoos are sometimes paired with a Celtic knot or cross.

Fairy Tattoo trends

As long as parents keep reading Fairy Tales to their children, and Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom stay open for business, Fairy Tattoos aren’t going away any time soon.

If you’re a woman who wants to send a message, get a Fairy Tattoo. The world will definitely see it. And if you’re a guy who wants a Fairy Tattoo, check out the lyrics to A Boy Named Sue for an idea of what your life might become!

See pictures & Read more about fairy tattoos.


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  1. Fairly tattoos trend is spreading day by day because of there charming designs and attractiveness. These tattoos indicate the natural power and goodness. This is an informative and appreciative article.

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