Face Tattoos For Women

The smaller designs are quite popular amongst the females for face tattoos for women. The shooting stars or even a single star or butterfly tattoo is commonly done as a temple or chin tattoo. These also look great when inked below the ears. Another option that many girls go for are the make-up tattoos. Eyeliners, eye-shadow, blush, lip-liner or lipstick, girls just can’t do without these make-up accessories. How about having a tattoo that will give you an appearance as if you are wearing the make-up, which is actually a facial tattoo. Yes, what’s more, you can have this in various shades, even a complete black to get an extreme look. Wine tattoos are also a perfect option for a design around the ear.

face tattoos for women Face Tattoos For Women Meanigs

There are various unique face tattoos for women, going through which you can easily make a trendy tattoo on your face. Tattoos are also a symbol of love. There are various couples which go for having tattoo on their arms or other body parts to show their love for their partner.

Face Tattoos For Women history

According to archaeological evidence, tattooing came to New Zealand from Eastern Polynesian culture.

The head was considered the most sacred part of the body, and because tattooing caused blood to run the tattoo craftsmen, or “tohunga-ta-oko”, were very tapu persons. All high-ranking Māori were tattooed, and those who went without tattoos were seen as persons of no social status.
Tattooing commenced at puberty, accompanied by many rites and rituals. In addition to making a warrior attractive to women, the tattoo practice marked both rites of passage and important events in a person’s life.

Tattooing was a huge deal back then. There were certain prohibitions during the tattooing process, and for the facial tattoo in particular sexual intimacy and the eating of solid foods were prohibited. In order to overcome this, liquid food and water was drained into a wooden funnel, to ensure that no contaminating product came into contact with the swollen skin. This was also the only way the tattooed person could eat until his or her wounds healed.

Face Tattoos For Women Ideas

Face tattoos for women can be a touchy subject as they border on cosmetic tattooing. In some states there are specific laws about who can and cannot perform cosmetic tattooing. Even a mole or freckle tattooed can be considered cosmetic tattooing, so check with your local tattoo artist about cosmetic tattooing; they’ll be well versed on the subject.


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