Face Tattoos For Men

Face tattoos for men cover a part of the face or the neck or the head or all of them together but mostly the initial most option is preferred. The tattoos are carved in symmetrical patterns and tribal designs and images are used very rarely. Black and white are often used in the designs and you can say that face tattoos are the forte of men because nine out of ten times it would be a man who would be seen sporting the daring style statement. So, catch up with these 30 face tattoos that we have compiled here, dominated by men.

face tattoos for men

Face Tattoos For Men Meaning

Men, being a rational animal, always looks for meaning in his actions and thoughts. It is also said that the purpose of life is to do such deeds that it attains depth and becomes an asset for the human kind. Therefore, we always try to incorporate thoughtful elements in our deeds in order to invest it with beauty and meaning. Only then can one expect it to be fruitful and worthy of being called a life led by a rational creature. We look for meaning everywhere including an ordinary style statement like tattoo. Men do not want, even their tattoo designs, to be devoid of meaning.

Face Tattoos For Men History

Face tattoos for men are as old as civilization itself. Nearly every ancient civilization participated in some form of inking ritual, with the practice not becoming taboo until the Greeks deemed it sign of barbarism to mark one’s body. Judeo-Christian ideology followed this line of thought, essentially deeming the act of tattooing oneself as an affront to God and sure sign of criminality.

Face Tattoos For Men Ideas

Besides, face and neck tattoos aren’t just for the hardest of tattoo lovers — a girl I know has the signature of a friend of hers who died young inked in tiny print behind her ear, and it actually looks very tasteful, delicate and perfectly placed. The small butterflies and stars tattooed on the same place of the women featured in the photo galleries below look equally appealing.

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