Eyeball Tattoos

The weirdest tattoo at all is the eyeball tattoo.

Eyeball tattoo is another type of tattoo, in fact, this is one of the latest tattoo type today. Some tattoo artist or even tattoo lovers found this tattoo type quite dangerous because of the ink that will be inserted in your eyeballs, but some tattoo lovers love to have this tattoo type because of its uniqueness. They are very proud to show to the public that they have this very unique tattoo type or tattoo design because we all know that not everybody will do that to their eyes.

But there are eyeball tattoos which are not located in the eye, they still call that eyeball tattoo. If it is a full eye with a cross in it on the right arm, it is a symbol of a Vatican assassin or something to do with the Vatican very secret society even more secret than the masons.

There are some eye tattoos also that placed in the back of the head. That eye tattoos are great for watching your back or letting others know that you’re watching them. The meaning behind an eye tattoos comes from ancient tribal cultures that would paint eyes on their foreheads or shoulders to let their pray know that they wouldn’t have a chance of escape. Getting away can be hard if you have a third eye and sometimes even fourth watching you. The meaning has changed slightly over the years and now an eye tattoo is usually considered a symbol of protection.