Expressing Yourself with Tattoos

On May 2, 2013, in Tattoos, by Tristan G

For thousands of years tattoos have been used as means of expressing one’s story – among the forgotten tribes, outlaws, sailors and soldiers tattoos have always been a very popular way to declare a status or position.

Tattoos have a long and rich history. In some cultures tattooing was a part of the initiation ritual, transition to adulthood. A long time ago tattoos used to show social status. Some tribes in Indonesia and Polynesia had special tattoos which represented tribal affiliation, family and status, while in Greek and Roman cultures, tattoos were used to mark slaves but also as a penalty measure. Today, attitude toward this phenomenon has completely shifted, these body ornaments become a trend, fashion accessory but also a personal stand about something. To tattoo lovers they represent an extension of their spirit and a way of showing their freedom and opinions. To some people they even boost confidence so they feel more attractive, which means a tattoo isn’t only a fashion detail but an attempt to stabilize and secure one’s sense of identity. In the minds of people tattooing reached its popularity in the past several years. There are many styles with different motifs, from spiritual and religious to traditional, local and innovative.

expressing yourself with tattoosPeople use tattoos to express something personal and maybe even intimate about them, which can’t be expressed with words, but they also want to visually emphasize their personality, diversity and uniqueness. However, one should not think that in this day and age it’s not a big deal because everyone else is doing it, and that it’s a part of collective identity. There is actually nothing wrong with getting a tattoo and expressing yourself that way but you ought to think about what you’re getting and when, as you might regret it at some point in your life. For example, today many teenagers want to get tattooed and express their opinions and views, which in fact aren’t yet formed, and thus mimic the adults in order to show they themselves are grown up and emphasize the sexuality of their bodies too soon. Sometimes a wish for getting a tattoo can express a protest against something and it can have a deeply coded message which the teenager himself isn’t aware of and which can become clear only later on in life.

Your tattoo is a reflection of you. You can buy the newest tattoo magazine and you will see some of the best works of art with some really “uninteresting” themes. Demons, serial killers or sexually explicit images can be great tattoos, but it might not be something you want and how you want people to look at you.

Copying someone’s tattoo is just as trivial as mimicking a celebrity. This way both you and your tattoo, as a symbol or a speech, lose a big part of that charisma, special features as well as power and strength. A tattoo is something that should express yourself, and if you want to present yourself in a certain way than your tattoo should depict precisely that.

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