Dream Tattoos

Another tattoo design or tattoo type is the dream tattoos. What is dream tattoos exactly are? Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future. These are the major reasons why we want to learn about Dream Interpretation, Analysis and the Meaning of Dreams.

Here is the meaning from Gustavus Hindman Miller:

  • To see your body appearing tattooed, foretells that some difficulty will cause you to make a long and tedious absence from your home.
  • To see tattoos on others, foretells that strange loves will make you an object of jealousy.
  • To dream you are a tattooist, is a sign that you will estrange yourself from friends because of your fancy for some strange experience.

On some sources, here are the meaning of the dream tattoos:

  • Ritual
  • Devotion
  • Lineage
  • Initiation
  • Permanence
  • Heritage
  • Ancient connection
  • Historical reference
  • Drawing attention
  • Creative expression
  • Commitment
  • Alteration
  • Metamorphosis