Dragon Tattoo in backDragon Tattoos

Almost every culture in the world, from the advanced Greeks to the remote Aztecs, has legends about dragons.  From China to England to Central America the stories are told, full of danger and daring and epic battles.  It’s actually pretty amazing when you think about it.  How did all these different cultures, all over the world, manage to invent a creature so similar in style, habit, and appearance, especially back in a time where wide-distance communication was almost impossible?  Makes you sort of wonder if there were really dragons around back then, and if warriors really fought them to win renown.  Only in our imaginations, right?

However it happened, the result is that dragon’s are wrapped up in mystery, meaning different things to different cultures.  They can be depicted as ferocious fighters, wise sages, gentle giants, or ancient protectors.


As a tattoo, dragons are immensely popular.  Why?  Because they can mean so many different things!  Everyone sees them differently.  There is no “cut and dried” definition of what a dragon means, or what culture it’s associated with.  If you decide to get a dragon tattoo, it’s up to you to decide which look to go with and what meanings you’ll associate with your dragon.  It’s a very personal decision, but that’s partly why so many people are pulled to this type of tattoo.

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