Dragon Tattoos For Women

Dragon Tattoos For WomenDragon Tattoos for Women

Dragon tattoos for women are one of the sexiest and most empowering tattoos for women ever. They can be small and discrete but also big and showy. Even though they were popularly worn by men and made for men it seems as if dragon tattoos were created for women, the way the dragon’s body can follow the feminine curves and twist around a woman’s body is just unbelievable and downright sexy.

Dragon Tattoos for Women Meanings

Girls usually choose dragon tattoos for women due to several reasons. Some choose them simply because they like dragons and its mythology while others get them because of their meaning. Dragon tattoos for women have many meanings. They can be a symbol of a protector of life, creator, strength, courage, raw power and wisdom. Since women are the ones who bring children into to the world it is no wonder they tend to compare themselves with dragons as they are the creators of life and would do anything to protect their children. There are also many other meanings to each and every individual therefore every dragon tattoo for women will be something a little bit different and special.

Dragon Tattoos for Women History

Dragons are usually depicted as large and powerful snake or like reptiles with magical powers. They are one of the few mythological creatures which are known in the whole wide world. Dragon is a classic tattoo motif, popular with both men and women. As a tattoo, dragon design shows what a deep impact Japanese and Chinese culture had on tattooing in West. In the Far East, dragon represents the four elements and four sides of the compass. Dragons and dragon tattoos for women have quite a vast history which spreads through many cultures. In China these creatures, residing in the heavens, symbolize supernatural and imperial power. Besides representing the elements, dragons are also very much present in myths, legends as well as science. There were dragons who were the keepers of special treasures but also those who were entrusted with various tasks and responsibilities. Both Chinese and Japanese cultures are full of legends of creatures that turned into dragons at the end of their journey. One of such tales, and one of the most popular dragon tattoos for women because of the meaning it has, is about Carp and Koi who were transformed into dragons because of their perseverance, journey and struggle. While dragon is a guardian in the Eastern cultures in the West it represents evil. Throughout history many myths say that heroes used to fight various dragons who were the keepers of lakes and gates. Today we see dragons as a fantasy, although there are a lot of people who believe dragons were real, which is why there are so many legends of them and so much great material to be used in designs for dragon tattoos for women.

Dragon Tattoos for Women Ideas

Dragon tattoos symbolize nobility, magic, power of transformation and imagination, perseverance, loyalty, power and the ability to transcend the ordinary. Dragon represents courage, duty, honor and great demands. If we don’t have great demands how will we ever realize the best in us? Such is the great power of the dragon.

When it comes to dragon tattoos for women it is crucial to have a great design idea. Your tattoo master can help you to make it perfect and recommend you a suitable technique for its realization.

Dragons are mostly worshiped in the Far East and Chinese are considered to be the descendants of a dragon. If you like this idea, you can do an eastern dragon tattoo. In the East dragons are considered friendly beings and symbols of happiness and positive energy. In regards of pictures and tattoos dragons are usually shown with long slim bodies and four short legs and they are characterized by their beard. Eastern dragon tattoos for women are usually in red or green color but you can choose any color for your dragon tattoo. There is also a wide specter of Chinese dragon tattoos for women. The most common one is of the horned dragon who is believed to be the creator of rain. In China dragons are often found near thunderstorms, they create rains and showers which is a great background for a dragon tattoo. Winged serpentine dragon, Celestial dragon, Yellow Dragon and Hidden Treasure Dragon can also go in favor of dragon tattoos for women.

According to Japanese belief this type of skin design is a symbol of freedom, power and kindness. What characterizes a Japanese dragon tattoos for women is a serpentine body, short legs, three fingers and four claws.

Unlike in the East, dragons are considered evil in the West. People in the West thought of dragons as fire breathing beasts that terrorize villages, kidnap women and children. For this reason, dragon tattoos for women in the west are characterized with big muscular bodies, four legs, fangs and wings. Even though Western dragon designs are rare, if you like them and you’re sure that is the picture you want, they can make perfect dragon tattoos for women.