Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are very popular among both women and men as they find them attractive for different reasons. Dragon tattoos symbolize power and danger which is why they were always such a popular design. Due to their versatility in terms of size and shape, these images can be done on any part of the body. They can express different emotions such as happiness, freedom, rage and destruction. One of the things that make dragon tattoos so popular is their colorful and bold design. There is an indefinite number of ways to present a dragon so it’s very easy to be creative. Even though many of these skin marks are abundant in color they can also be done in black and grey, while the combination of black and red can be mostly seen in tribal dragon tattoos.

Dragon Tattoos History

History of dragon tattoos is deeply rooted in folklore of many nations worldwide. Dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures; there are many legends about these fire-breathing winged creatures. According to historical records, the dragon tattoos used to indicate power and protection and men who wore them were considered as guardians of society and family. Dragon is an “animal” found in many mythologies. It resembles a large snake or some other reptile and has magical powers such as spitting fire from its mouth, predicting the future, and flying. In some cultures, such as China or the surrounding Himalayas, the dragon is thought to be the bringer of good luck. On the other hand, in Medieval Europe it was believed that dragons were symbols of abandoning faith and betrayal, and were often considered omens of great catastrophes. Today dragon tattoos often denote strength and power but they can also be a sign of spiritual or magical properties. For these and many other reasons the dragon is one of the most famous mythological creatures in the world.

Dragon Tattoos Meaning

It is always difficult to choose the right design but when it comes to dragon tattoos there are two versions we see the most.

The first one is the western dragon tattoo which has a strong body, wings like a bat and a long neck. The other one is the eastern dragon tattoo – it looks more like a snake and generally has no wings.

Western dragon tattoos are mostly loved for their mythological history rather than meaning. However, they can sometimes have a deeper significance, like Celtic dragon – a circle of life which represents the natural order of things. Dragon tattoos can also show national pride – a perfect example of this is the national symbol of Wales or the well-known Ljubljana’s Green Dragon.

The eastern dragon tattoo is more of a big snake-like creature. It illustrates the four elements – fire, water, wind and earth. They indicate neither good nor evil but they are often a force of nature which can be beautiful but just as brutal.

Dragon Tattoos Ideas

Considering the nature of dragons it is possible to do all kinds of scenes and creatures. One extremely fascinating design is of Koi fish dragon. Koi fish is a sign of muscularity, wisdom and long life. The legend says that the Koi fish climb the waterfalls and at the end of their journey they transform into a dragon. This tattoo design can be simple and show a creature that has the attributes of both dragon and Koi fish as well as an intricate design which displays the journey between the fish and the beast.

The background of the dragon tattoo can be as diverse as the dragon itself. Fire, flowers and peace symbols often accompany dragon tattoos. You can tell your whole life story or someone else’s, with the scenery or just something from your imagination. Just imagine a medieval castle on the mountain above a cave, or a Japanese design with waves, mountains and colorful skies in the background.

Black or in bright colors, placed on a small part of the body or across the entire back, a dragon tattoo is always an excellent choice. Regardless of design, dragon tattoos symbolize power, nobility and magic. They are often used to express how we feel or how we would like to be seen. They represent our strength and freedom. These images are mostly large with numerous little details and colors. Due to complicate designs and many possibilities dragon tattoos offers, it is advisable to take your time when choosing a dragon tattoo and find a tattoo artist skillful enough to draw it. Also be prepared to spend hours, maybe even days at the tattoo shop so that the artist could finish your large, beautiful and complex dragon tattoos.


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