Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Dragon Tattoo IdeasDragon Tattoo Ideas have become the subject of brilliant stories of bravery, heroism and love. Some adventures point to the dragon as being the villain, ravaging cities and devouring innocents. Others make the dragon out to be the hero, saving the lives of many from some other heinous beast.

When looking for Dragon Tattoo Ideas there are many different types to consider. Fire Dragon Tattoos, are often a reddish yellow color. Some dragon tattoos are blue in color which depicts those dragons as ice dragons. Dragons are mythical creatures, which appear in many cultures throughout the world, so when looking for Dragon Tattoo Ideas you will find that many contain deep mythical meanings. The popularity of Dragon Tattoos are easy to explain as dragons are commonly depicted as spiritual beings combining beauty and intelligence with strength and power.

So what are the different meanings of dragon tattoos? Well, the Dragon is typically a large reptile with magical powers that usually can breathe fire. The word dragon comes from the Greek word drakon which means serpent. Dragons are generally represented as gigantic reptiles with huge claws, serpent tail, bat-like wings, a crested head and crusty scaled skin. When browsing Dragon Tattoo Ideas you will find most Tattoos show exactly that.

There are many Dragon Tattoos Ideas for all parts of the body. Examples include chest dragon tattoos, shoulder dragon tattoos, back dragon tattoos, lower back dragon tattoos, and more.

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