Dolphin Tattoos

Dolphin TattoosDolphin Tattoos

Dolphins are fascinating creatures. Renowned for their communicative abilities and sharp intelligence, they have long been believed as links between humans and the underwater world. Dolphins are free-spirited, playful and are often seen frolicking in the water. Therefore, dolphin tattoo designs share those same qualities: free-spirited designs generally featuring happy and playful dolphins.

The dolphin tattoos are mostly displayed on arm and feet but they are also engraved on other body parts. Black and white or colored, the charm of dolphins remains same. They are amazing water creatures that have a cool and soothing aura about them. Good luck and success is also associated with them and they are worn for this reason too. Today, we bring for you 30 dolphin tattoos images that show them in amazing styles and colors. Take a look and enjoy the joyful and adventurous journey with these cute water creatures.

Dolphins, as well as dolphin tattoos, are symbolic of numerous positive meanings that most people find appealing. They represent playfulness, harmony, gentleness, intelligence, friendship, community, resurrection, generosity, gracefulness, freedom, power, serenity and peace.

Dolphin Tattoos – Representation

There are varying representations for the dolphin symbol for different people, different cultures and different beliefs. Many people find strong emotional connections with some of these meanings, while also appreciating the animal’s remarkable grace and beauty.

Dolphin tattoos make a unique statement, the dolphin as a tattoo design is very popular and has many meanings and symbolisms often unique to the individual. The dolphin tattoo represents that dolphins typically are very free spirited and thought to be very happy animals that have fun. A dolphin tattoo can also be a symbol of ones love for the ocean and beaches. The dolphin design is often combined with a variety of other design elements such as flowers, crosses, tribal or roses to make a truly unique dolphin tattoo design.

Dolphin Tattoos – Designs

Dolphin tattoo designs are a favorite among both men and women alike and can be found in a variety of different shapes, sizes, styles and locations on the body. Images of dolphins are often combined with other eye-catching elements such as flowers, tribal art, ocean waves and are commonly depicted swimming with other dolphins. An image of two curved dolphin figures touching beaks and tails creates an illusion of a heart from afar and is symbolic of love. Tribal dolphin tattoos are designed using bold outlines and solid colors and are representative of hope—many also have Celtic meanings. Celtic dolphin tattoos combine the grace and elegance of a dolphin’s form with the intricacies of Celtic knot work. Cartoon dolphin tattoos typically have a whimsical appeal and are seen as cute, creative and fun loving, and are generally inked in a variety of brilliant colors. Realistic dolphin tattoos typically blend colors of blues and grays and have a naturalistic and elegant appeal to them. However, some people prefer dolphin tattoos with a futurist look. This particular style portrays a shiny, metallic appearance and is symbolic of new life.

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