Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

Dolphin Tattoo Ideas Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

Dolphin tattoo ideas often convey a sense of playfulness by the wearer as the dolphin itself is renowned for its sense of play, joy and freedom.

Dolphins are well noted for their intelligence. In ancient Greece, the dolphin symbolized god-like intelligence and was associated with the powerful god Apollo. Apollo is also a deity who represents light and so dolphin tattoos will convey higher thought, and an illumined life. As an associate of Apollo the dolphin will also have kingly traits like: Strength, Power and Authority. We also see these themes in the dolphin’s association with Poseidon. Indeed, the Greeks dubbed the dolphin as the “King of the Sea” and with this moniker, kingly attributes will also apply to the dolphin.

The Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

Dolphins can be used alone or in a group to create both large and small tattoos. Stylized dolphins may contain less detail, making them suitable for smaller, more discreet tattoos. Photographic and realistic dolphins, or groups of dolphins including their marine setting, can be used to create larger tattoos.

Smaller dolphin tattoo designs can be placed almost anywhere and may be used to form the basis of a larger design later. Popular locations for single tattoos include the foot and ankle, hip, stomach, shoulders and back of the neck. Each of these placements can accommodate a small dolphin tattoo, as long as the detail in the piece remains minimal.

To create a larger piece, dolphins can be added to a background depicting their marine habitat. This can be set above or below water; each option opens up possibilities for larger pieces that are suitable for placement on the back, shoulder and leg.

Greek Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

Dolphins feature heavily in ancient Greek art and can be used in this context to create a piece that reflects a Greek heritage or an affinity with Greek mythology and culture. Dolphins in Greek art are depicted in a stylized fashion, with elaborate detailing and patterns.

In Greek art, dolphins are depicted as a symbol of luck and are often shown with mythological creatures such as nereid nymphs or as escorts of the god Poseidon. These elements can be combined in a larger tattoo, lending additional meaning to the artwork.

Tribal Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

Dolphins can be combined with tribal designs and modern embellishments to create a stylized tattoo appropriate for almost any placement. These designs are particularly popular in lower back tattoos. The dolphins can be displayed as playing in and around the heavy black tribal lines, or as a part of the tribal design itself.

Designs of dolphins used in conjunction with tribal styles tend to be stylized themselves, rather than realistic. This allows these tattoos to be appropriate for many placements, as they will not lose their definition when rendered in a smaller size.

Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

make a statement that is extremely unique. They are very popular and have several meanings and types of symbolism surrounding them. The main thing that people think of when dolphin tattoo designs come to mind is freedom. Dolphins are thought to be creatures full of free spirit and happiness that enjoy having fun. These qualities are something that many people wish to convey in their body art. They are also great for people who are connected by their love of the beaches and oceans. Your dolphin design tattoo can come in many different styles and colors. Many people opt to have other designs added to their dolphin tattoo, such as flowers and tribal arts designs. One popular option is the have waves rising above the dolphin itself.

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