Devil Tattoos For Women

Devil Tattoos For Women Devil Tattoos For Women

Devil tattoos on women rarely represent evil or paganism, some can be signs of a rebellious spirit or a troubled past. Most are done in a light hearted manner and are designed to show a creative temperament with a sexy undertone. Devil pictures are prevalent in the art world and many can be very alluring and mysterious. Most women select to create their own devil design but many options are available. Devil images are also often seen with other designs to show which part of the woman’s personality the devil is representing. For instance, a devil with a musical instrument could say that you sacrifice everything for the love of music.

Devil Tattoos For Women – Meanings

Devil tattoos are tattoos of Satan or one of his minions and have come under a lot of fire recently from fundamentalist Christians and Christian groups that do not have a clear understanding of the meaning of the tattoos. Articles are appearing on the web that denounce devil tattoos and make outrageous claims that the devil tattoo is the mark of Satan and you advocate his following by having his image on your body. They are clearly ignorant of the tradition of body art and the decisions made by the body art enthusiast. The devil tattoo can have many ramifications and meanings, but only a small part of the population of tattooed people use them as a symbol of evil or benevolence.

Devil Tattoos For Women – History

Also know as “Man’s Ruin”, a tattoo often consisting of the many vices that can lead a man astray in life, not the least of which is a woman – or a bad woman to be exact! This woman is often surrounded by drinking glasses, bottles of alcohol, playing cards, dice and other accoutrements of gambling, such as horse shoes to represent betting on the ponies at the track. In short, “Man’s Ruin” could also be titled, “Wine, Women and Song!”. Use your imagination to add other elements of various modern vices! A woman regarded as cruel or malicious.

Devil Tattoos For Women – Ideas

Devil tattoos are usually dark and evil tattoos that people love to get as creative with as they can. The person can do almost anything with their design, letting out any kind of evil look they desire. Most devil tattoo designs are incorporated with an angel design. People incorporate the angel and devil together because of the fight against good and evil, light and dark, pure and sinful. These designs are mostly tainted towards the evil side.

devil tattoo ideas
Stars are one of the most popular tattoos chosen because of endless possibilities of unique designs. Are you interested in a one but indecisive about what type of star you would like? It is okay to be unsure as there are several different types of stars. Instead of choosing one at random, here is a list of 5 different star tattoo ideas and their meanings to assist you with your decision.

  • 1. Shooting Stars

The first of many star tattoo ideas are shooting stars. They are the most popular type of stars chosen among the rest. The reason for the growing popularity is due in part by the sheer beauty of the star itself. It always looks elegant on the body and will definitely be an eye opener to the public. Aside from the actual appearance, it also holds a deeper meaning.

Shooting stars represents an unforgettable and memorable life changing event. Such events can be as simple as your 18th birthday or graduating high school. Special events will always be remembered in your mind similar to watching a bunch of shooting stars soar through the pitch dark sky.

  • 2. Nautical Star


Before compasses were invented, sailors used stars to guide their journey throughout the night, particularly the North Star. It was understood that following the bright North Star will eventually lead you home. Therefore, the nautical star has earned the symbolization of protection and guidance. Now it is common to see a soldier or fishermen sporting a nifty nautical star on their body to represent the faith of returning home safely.

  • 3. The Star of David


This six-pointed star is a religious symbol with each point resembling a day of the week while the center representing Sabbath. The Star of David also represents harmony and unity. This particular star is a simple design created by two triangles overlapping one another.

  • 4. Pentagram


The pentagram has two very distinct meaning determined by the positioning of the star itself. A pentagram is a five-pointed star which means one point always stands alone. If this lone point faces downward, then the pentagram represents the Devil since the opposite ends have two points appearing like horns.

On the other hand, if the pentagram points upwards, then the meaning shifts from the Devil to balance and protection. Each point on the pentagram will then represents the four major elements of earth; wind, water, fire and earth. The final top point symbolizes spirit.

  • 5. Septagram


A septagram is a unique seven-pointed star. Since there are seven points on this particular star, a septagram is a symbol of luck. The number seven is universally considered to be a lucky number as seen everywhere including popular media such as films and songs. Additionally, a septagram is also a symbol of magic.