Demon Tattoo Ideas

Demon Tattoo IdeasDemon Tattoo Ideas

Images of good and evil are common in tattoo design. Some tattoo enthusiasts adorn their bodies with images of saintly angels to reflect purity and good. However, if you’ve got a wild side or an interest in the supernatural, a demon tattoo might be more fitting. Demons take many shapes, making demon tattoo choices endless. You can get a demon tattoo to show an interest in everything from vampires to racecars.

Alp – A spirit associated with nightmares. Also Alp-drucken, and Painajainen. See Nightmare. (German)

Archdemon – An upper level demon in the infernal hierarchy. (Christian)

Bajang – A vampiric demon with the ability to take the form of a cat.

Cambion – The offspring of a human and a succubus or an incubus.

Demoness – A female demon.

Fallen Angel – An angel that has lapsed into sin or has been exiled from heaven. (Christian)

Familiar – A spirit, often in the form of an animal, that assists in sorcery and witchcraft. (European)

Goblin – A malformed creature related to the fae. (European)

Gorgon – A winged female being with live snakes for hair. (Greek)

Imp – A small mischievous demon related to the fairy. (European)

Incubus – A male demon that attempts to have sexual relations with people while they sleep.

Jikininki – A ghoulish demon that feeds on human corpses. (Japanese)

Jinn – An invisible shapeshifter that can appear in the form of a human or an animal. (Middle Eastern)

Kappa – A vampiric creature that resembles a human with green skin. (Japanese)

Leviathan – An immense sea creature also known as the demon of envy, and The Grand Admiral of Hell. (Hebrew)

Marching Hordes – Demons that cause war.

Nickar – A sea demon. (Scandinavian)

Nightmare – A demon that causes night terrors. Also Ephialtes, Mara, and Walriderske. (Scandinavian)

Poltergeist – A noisy, mischievous spirit connected to a live human, usually a child. (German)

Puck – A mischievous nature spirit or demon.

Rokurokubi – A demon that appears as a human with the ability to stretch its neck to unnatural lengths. (Japanese)

She-demon – An evil female being or spirit.

Succubus – A female demon that attempts to have sexual relations with people while they sleep.

Demon Tattoo Ideas conjures images of dark, ill-intentioned beings, it actually used to have a much more innocuous meaning. Back during the time of the ancient Greeks, the word “demon” referred to any sort of spirit. Good or evil, the Greeks used the word “demon” to refer to a divine power.
When Christianity came along, the word was taken and changed to refer only to dark or malevolent beings.

Demon Tattoo Ideas of the Four Crown Princes of Hell: Satan

Many claim that Satan is not an actual being, but more the “darkness” within us that we all carry.

1) Satan is often depicted as a muscular red man. He always has horns, representing the goat. He might have black claws, and sharp teeth. No matter what, Satan always looks menacing.

2) Satan sits at the North.

3) Satan represents fire.

4) Satan was the evil that tempted Eve. He spoke through the serpent to persuade her to eat the fruit of knowledge. Then he spoke through Eve to tempt Adam.

5) Satan is sometimes matched with the dark raven.

6) It was also Satan who was sent, by God, to test Job.

Demon tattoo ideas of the Four Princes of Hell: Belial

Belial is the leader of the Sons of Darkness, making him a pretty bad guy.

1) Belial means “being without a master”. Which means he’s the head honcho and answers to no one.

2) Belial sits at the South.

3) Belial is the master of Earth.

4) Belial controls many legions of armies.

5) Belial is said to have been an angel who was cast out by God. He fell immediately after Lucifer.

6) Belial is depicted as a beautiful angel that rides a fiery chariot. Sometimes he is depicted as two angels in the chariot, although some believe that the second angel is really Lucifer.

Demon Tattoo Ideas of the Four Princes of Hell: Lucifer

Ah, Lucifer. Besides Satan, Lucifer is the most famous example of evil the world knows. Despite only being mentioned by name in the Bible once, he has become the embodiment of evil and sin.

1) Lucifer is the “bringer of light”. He is also called the Morning Star. This gives an image of the sun.

2) Lucifer sits in the East. As the sun rises in the East every morning.

3) Lucifer was an angel who sang God’s praises. He was covered in musical instruments for this purpose.

4) Lucifer was one of the Seraphim. They were often depicted as fiery, flying serpents.

5) Other versions of Lucifer, such as the Egyptian God, Sata, and the Babylonian God, Zu, were gods of Lightning.

6) The witches of Moira described Lucifer as having gray skin and blue arms. He wore a culotte, a type of knee-length pants that were divided and baggy to resemble a skirt. He has a child’s face that turns frightening when angered.

7) Lucifer represents Air.

Demon Tattoo Ideas of the Princes of Hell: Leviathan

Leviathan is more often depicted as a monster than a human-like being. Lucky for you, this makes for a more interesting demon tattoo design idea.

1) Leviathan represents the water and oceans.

2) Leviathan sits to the West.

3) Leviathan is called the “serpent of the sea”.

4) Leviathan also represents sex, love, and desire.

5) In the Book of Enoch, Leviathan is described as a female who lives in the ocean.

6) The Book of Job describes Leviathan as having seven heads, and strong scales that can’t be penetrated. He breathes fire from his mouth, and smoke from his nose.

7) Leviathan is also called the “dragon of the sea”.

Demon Tattoo Ideas

Demons are potent tattoo designs, rich with meaning and symbolism. And there are many demon tattoos available to you, depending on whether your looking for a Western or Asian demon. In the West demons are described as angels tossed out of heaven by God for their pride and vanity. In this tradition, demons had a reputation for evil, causing pain and suffering to humankind. They were tricky, sly, and had the power of prophecy, which was very useful when leading poor, weak humans astray.

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