Death Tattoos For Men

Death TattoosDeath Tattoos For Men

Death tattoos seem very ominous to most people. But ask anyone who deals with symbolism and they will tell you that death often represents the cycle of life. Death tattoos may not only be a symbol of the life cycle, or an image of Grim Reaper. They may also be a memorial to a lost loved one.

Reaper tattoos make a powerful statement, the reaper as a tattoo design is very popular and has many meanings and symbolisms often unique to the individual. The grim reaper tattoo can be a symbolic reminder that we are all mortal and to live life to the fullest and to accept your fate with bravery. The reaper design is often combined with a variety of other design elements such as a skull, crosses, dragons or wings to make a truly unique reaper tattoo design.

Death Tattoos For Men Meanings

There is no other tattoo symbol in the world that represents death like the Grim Reaper. Grim reapers have been associated with ancient art, literature, tattoos, and movies for many years. His long black cloak and razor sharp scythe are enough to put fear into anyone that captures a glimpse of him. The grim reaper tattoo is a unique and a fierce looking tattoo that will catch anyone’s eyes.

the Grim Reaper uses his sharp scythe to separate the human soul from the body. Once the soul is separate from the body. the Grim Reaper accompanies the soul to its final resting place, which is either Heaven or Hell.

Death Tattoos For Men History

Grim Reaper tattoos are a representation of death. This guy has been around for about 500 years that we know about. Of course he may have been around longer but people don’t usually live to tell about it. Rumor has it that he might actually be a cool guy and uses his scythe to help severe your ties to this world and help you get to wherever it is your going. He’s not really concerned with your destination. A couple of cultures believe he’s actually a she. It’s a little hard to tell since anyone who’s lived to tell about describes that it’s actually a skeleton underneath that cloak. How does anybody live to tell about it in the first place? Well it’s reported that he or she can be bribed or tricked. It is also been referred to as the Angel of Death. If in fact the Grim Reaper is the Angel of Death it would be highly unlikely it could bribed or tricked.

Death Tattoos For Men ideas

The Grim Reaper tattoo is usually done in black or shades of dark gray. Since the reaper represents “death”, it is associated to the color black. However, with more and more tattoo artist testing their creative side, some Grim Reaper tattoos can be inked in vibrant colors. These types of tattoos are actually gaining popularity and allow the wearer a design that is less viewed as evil. You want to make sure you know which colors that you want to work with when it comes to this tattoo symbol.