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Death tattoos encompass the Grim Reaper, skulls and bones, skeletons, death heads, and many more. These death tattoos not only represent death, but also a variety of personal, religious, and political beliefs. Before getting a death tattoo, it is important to understand possible meanings and associations that might accompany that design.

Death tattoos seem very ominous to most people. But ask anyone who deals with symbolism and they will tell you that death often represents the cycle of life. Death tattoos may not only be a symbol of the life cycle, or an image of Grim Reaper. They may also be a memorial to a lost loved one.

Death Tattoos-History

The history of death has been a key subject in Mortality since its inception. The first four numbers all contained an historical article and history has been represented at least once in every subsequent volume, supplemented by numerous
book reviews and two ‘Classics Revisited’. These ‘revisits’ are themselves by two ‘classic’ scholars, reflecting their own thoughts about the history of death, and therefore are doubly illuminating.

Death Tattoos-Meaning

death tattoos seem very scary. But this doesn’t necessarily has to be the case. Death tattoos are often symbolic of the cycle of life and are not merely an embrace of death. Death tattoos can also be a memorial to a loved one who has recently died.
Many of those who choose a death tattoo choose a design that has its roots in the esoteric or in the occult. These symbols often include elements that have a potentially ominous meaning such as the number 13, the death card of the tarot, the ace of spades and the grim reaper.

Death Tattoos

Death tattoos can come in many different forms and representations for women, some see death as a cycle of life and use their death tattoo to celebrate the spirit and make us aware of the path that all living things must take. Other girl’s use death tattoos as memorials to friends or loved ones who have passed away, and some prefer to use these sinister tattoos to reflect a darker side of their personality. With so many options available in a death tattoo it can make for an interesting and unusual choice.

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