Death Tattoo Ideas

Death Tattoo Ideas Death Tattoo Ideas

Death tattoo ideas have the potential to positively impact our lives if we choose to consistently hold them in our awareness for a length of time so that these attributes of tattooing become part of the thread of our being.

Death Tattoos cover many different types of Tattoos. When looking for Death Tattoo Ideas  you can consider just some of the following: portrait style memorial tattoos, tarot cards with the symbol of death, grim reapers, hour glasses signifying the time that we have left on this planet, and skeletons which take a more mythological approach. Others prefer to take a religious tone and use symbols of gods like Osiris or angles who greet us into the afterlife. Colors are generally dark and bleak, but death tattoos are usually drawn very eloquently and make use of exceptional designs that can grab onlooker’s attention and display emotion.

A common Death Tattoo is the Grim Reaper.  Although he is sometimes depicted as being pretty funny, he is actually supposed to be a harbinger of death and isn’t somebody that you’re supposed to be happy to see.

Lastly you can also put the following spin on Death Tattoos, they can actually be a symbol of the cycle of life and a reminder to cherish our own mortality. A tattoo that features death in some way can represent rebirth and the idea of resurrection. Some ancient cultures believed symbols of death were actually good omens to ward off death and other evils. Hopefully there are some Death Tattoo Ideas that you find appealing, please feel free to browse away!

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