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Cupid Tattoos Cupid Tattoos

Cupid Tattoos come from many sources and there are many websites but not like this one. Cupid was the god of love in Roman mythology. The name Cupid is a variation onCupido (“desire“), and this god was also known by the name Amor (“love“). It was commonly believed that Cupid was the son of Venus – the Roman goddess of love – and this association between Venus and Cupid was quite popular in myth, poetry, literature, and art. They are known for their matchmaking skills. People celebrate cupids on Valentine’s Day. It is believed that a cupid brings together a couple by shooting love arrows at them. Cupids symbolize passion and love.Cupid is a cute little cherub, a small boy who takes in the form of a human, shooting out hearts of love.

Cupid Tattoos History

According to Roman mythology, Cupid is the God of love. The name Cupid comes from the word, Cupido, meaning desire. Cupid is a capricious child, depicted with a bow and arrow, often seen as a symbol of Valentine’s Day. Thus, a Cupid stands for the innate desire for true love. This tattoo is usually used to commemorate love of a lifetime.
The cupid in Roman mythology was the god of erotic love, much like the Greek god Eros. In modern times cupid is often shown shooting an arrow to find love.

Cupid Tattoos Meaning and Design

Cupid Tattoos is a holiday character and symbol usually representing Valentines Day and the emotion of love. Cupid is based on the god of Roman mythology of the same name, but has undergone many changes. Cupid in this usage is not tied to any religion and is not generally considered to be a god. Cupid is often used in modern tattoos to commemorate your true love.

Cupid Tattoos harnessed the primordial force oflove and directed it into mortals. He was known for being fickle, playful and a practical joker. He was also known for his archery skills and carried two sets of arrows: one for gold-headed for lust and the other lead-headed for hatred.

Cupid Tattoos Ideas

Lower back, shoulders, ankles , knees and body-hands, legs, arms, back  are the most common places of Cupid Tattoos.