Cross Tattoo Ideas

Cross Tattoo Ideas

Cross Tattoo Ideas

Cross tattoo ideas are many and meant not only for the religious people. Being one of the oldest symbols in the world, cross underwent many modifications and variations so it can be found in almost every religion, movement, nationality, and state. Indeed, two crossed lines make very simple, still impressive image and that’s why they gave birth to many cross tattoo ideas. It is said that the cross is a sign of signs. 

The cross is used all over the world as a Christian symbol, but its history stretches much further back than Jesus. The symbolism of the four arms of the cross depended on the region, culture, and tradition, but in the beginning they could represent the four elements (earth, fire, water, air), the four cardinal points (east, west, north, south) or the four parts of the man – mind, soul, heart, body). Some of the most interesting cross tattoo ideas are inspired by this!

During the Neolithic period, people drew a cross within a circle as a symbol of the sun and the never-ending cycle of the four seasons.  This symbol, called the “Solar Cross” or the “Wheel Cross” is the earliest representation of differences that are united. It existed in all the most important civilizations, including Asian, Indian, American, and European, and cross tattoo ideas based on this symbol are loved even today among people who want to accentuate their power, energy, and high social position.

Numerous cross tattoo ideas can emerge from this symbol, since this equal-armed cross within a circle exists in many varieties. The Solar cross in its simplest form is also known as the Odin’s cross, and is associated with a major god in Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard – Odin, who nowadays has a certain number of followers among people of Scandinavia and Great Britain. They believe that some of the noblest virtues humans should nurture are courage, honor and hospitality.

More popular cross tattoo ideas originated from the ancient Wheel cross is the Celtic cross – all arms of equal length with a circle in the middle. This symbol of the Celts of ancient Scotland and Ireland is a combination of the pagan moon goddess (the circle) and a Christian church (cross). This variation of the Celtic cross was inspiration for cross tattoo ideas sported by members of  neo-fascist groups and is forbidden in some countries.

Speaking of Celts, some other interesting cross tattoo ideas can be found in the tradition of these people. Brigid’s or Brigit’s cross is an Irish symbol usually woven from straw or the plant called rush. It is believed that the Brigid’s cross protects from fire and evil.

Another variation is the emblem of the Assyrian God of Sun, light, and justice – Shamash. This beautiful cross which is actually an image representing a star and the sun, is one of the cutest cross tattoo ideas – it looks great and it conveys a very positive message.

The traditional Basque cross or the Lauburu has four heads signifying spirit, life, consciousness, and form. It is most commonly used as a symbol of prosperity. However, if out of many cross tattoo ideas you choose Lauburu, keep in mind that the Lauburu can represent either life and good fortune, or death and misfortune, depending on the direction it faces.

Of course, when speaking of cross tattoo ideas, it would be impossible not to mention the Egyptian cross, or the Key of Nile, also known as Ankh, a symbol of life, fertility, and regeneration. Today symbol of female sex and the planet Venus, in the ancient Egypt it represented both physical and eternal life. Ankh is an extremely popular cross tattoo idea among celebrities, and many of them, including Amy Winehouse, had their wrists or other parts of the body tattooed with this image.

Without a doubt, Christianity brings completely new dimension into the world of the cross tattoo ideas. Since Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, this object has had a special place in Christian churches, but also on the skin of religious people. It carries numerous meanings which are all connected to suffering and triumph. Besides, there are endless variations from all over the planet, so it makes an excellent starting point when it comes to cross tattoo ideas.

First of all, Crucifix, a representation of Jesus’ body nailed to a cross is related to Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and some other churches and believers. It symbolizes sacrifice, love for human race, and suffering. A Crucifix can give some great cross tattoo ideas, especially if it is combined with praying hands or name of someone who meant a lot to us, but is gone. The cross tattoo ideas like this are usually realized on the skin of the back because there’s a lot of space for details and additional images like rosaries, poetic or Biblical quotes expressing our attitudes and beliefs, and so on.

Among members of the Russian Orthodox Church the Orthodox cross tattoo ideas are based on a pretty complex “complete” cross. The slanted bottom line represents Jesus’ footrest whose lower end points to hell, and the upper to heaven, and is a symbol of the victory of good over evil. Or it’s a symbol of your criminal past and years spent in Russian prison.

The upturned Latin cross is often associated with Satan and opposing to Christianity, but upside-down cross tattoo ideas are loved among some metal musicians and devil-themed horror film fans.

So, as you can see, cross tattoo ideas are inexhaustible, especially if they are combined with some other motifs such as angel wings, tribals, or poetic lines. Good thing with cross tattoos is that you can keep them simple in form and color or you can make them look as if they are burning. A cross tattoo image will look great if embellished with some nice floral patterns, and it will look equally impressive in a form of fearful Gothic cross with gargoyles and sculls. There are as many types of crosses as there are people, and they are all different so if you feel this is the right design for you, don’t hesitate – the cross that goes well with your personality is certainly among our cross tattoo ideas bellow.

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