You’ve decided to get inked for the first time in your life but you are not familiar with the complete process of tattooing. Maybe you’re scared of the whole needle situation, but do not let fear holds you back if you really want a design. Do some research on the process of the tattoo application, so to know what to expect once you sit in the chair.

tattoo processAfter you’ve chosen a tattoo design and location, and picked a tattoo artist, make sure not to forget your valid ID to prove that you are not underage. You will be asked to give your home address and phone number just in case some problem occurs.

Whether you pay by cash or a credit card, always ask for receipt. Once you have finished the paperwork, you will be seated in the tattoo chair. Some tattoo shops have separate rooms for tattooing more intimate places. If you are shy, choose the private room. Tattoo chair can be a dental chair, although some tattoo studios have benches or regular table chairs.

Next step in the process is cleaning and shaving the body part you want to get inked. The skin area where a tattoo will be placed must be smooth because even the thinnest hair can cause problems. Now it’s time for stencil. Most of the good tattoo studios have special machine for stencils called a “thermal-fax”.

After that is done, the tattoo artist will moisten your skin using water and soap for easier and better transfer of the stencil. After removing the thermal paper, the blue pattern of your tattoo to-be will be transferred onto your skin. A small amount of ointment will be placed on your skin for smoother moves with needle and protection of the stencil.

Now it is time to remain calm and relax because we are getting to the crucial part. First few moments can be painful, but after a while you will get used to pain and become comfortably numb. After all the linework is finished, the more creative part comes – the coloring and shading the tattoo which can go quite quickly. When the tattoo is done, they will apply a hot towel over it and you will be ready for a photo session.

You should know that your fresh tattoo is a wound and it needs to be treated like a wound. The tattoo artist will apply some ointment and a bandage to the tattoo. This is done so that the tattoo doesn’t get infected. You are free to consult your tattooist about when to remove the bandage and how to do aftercare. It is very important to follow all directions given by the tattoo artist. If you are satisfied with the artist’s work, give him a good tip and thank him for the job well done. Once you get out of the studio, you are the only one responsible for the tattoo. The party is over. Now you are a member of the inked tribe.

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