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Clown Tattoos Clown Tattoos

Clown Tattoos come out to be in the greatest of the varieties. This classic kind of a tattoo has always been in demand and will always stay in demand due to the funny tramps that make us giggle with its funniest of the antics that they always show up with. This is good for the tattoo design, because they are always in demand. From our childhood we seem to love the classic White Face clown for birthdays and TV shows. These clowns make us laugh. clown tattoos have generally been, in days past, symbols of laughter and joy there has been a shift to more demonic types of clown characters. Now, this may seem like it’s an oxymoron, in actuality it’s not. Since the days of old, clowns have had a dual role in society. By their playful antics they exposed the accepted norms for what they were, shattering the illusions of sanity that we have built for ourselves.

Clown Tattoos History

Clown Tattoos is an obvious symbol of playfulness and laughter. But, few people know the history of the clown which is actually quite diverse and interesting. Ancestors of the clown performed in the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt and Greece. In Rome, they appeared as mimes. The point of the clown, then and now, is to represent the flip side of sanity. As the king’s jester, the clown mocked authority and ridiculed the establishment. Anything generally accepted as common knowledge was fodder for the jester’s ridicule. The jester was the only one who dared talk back to the king.
In fact, that was his role, to think laterally, to think outside box, to abandon reason, and precisely for this reason were his ideas often incorporated into official policy. The clown’s white face actually goes back to early Greek theatre, where it provided a more graphic picture of the actor’s features, especially when viewed from the back rows of those ancient stone ampitheatres. The white base is said to be a symbol of death and resurrection, upon which colors are added, symbolizing life. The clown is a symbol of freedom from the imprisonment of the human spirit in a conformist world. Thus, the clown tattoo shatters all illusions and by it’s very nature mocks man’s great pretensions and illusions. For centuries, clowns also known as jesters have been part of the entertainment sector. Jesters were integral part of entertainment in the royal courts. Clowns sport vibrant, colorful attire, funky hats and painted faces. While they entertain the kings and crowds, their basic representation or entertainment revolves around jealousy and mockery.

Clown Tattoos Meaning and Design

Clown tattoos themselves reflect both of these emotions. Often times you will see playful or jestful clown tattoos. The silliness of tattoos of clowns may serve to remind the wearer that they shouldn’t take life so seriously. Those that wear clown tattoos may be doing so is reminder to others not to take life so serious.We may never fully understand why the clown invokes feelings of humor and terror simultaneously, depict innocence, humor and jest.

Different Types of Clown Tattoos

Sad Clown Tattoos
– Sad clown tattoos are one of the most popular clown tattoos designs out there today. It seems everyone can relate to the image in one way or another. Most often the clown seen in sad clown tattoos is the Tramp or Hobo. For a tattoo design try a side profile of the clown from the chest above, with the head turned to the right looking at you the viewer. Great detail of the dingy unkempt hair and hobo hat is a must. The outline of the frown in a light color along with the heartbreaking expression of the eyes will help you achieve the look you are after.

Joker Clown Tattoos
– Joker clown tattoos are a great tattoo design and can represent some personalities to a tee. If you see yourself as a wild card in life then look no further, the joker clown tattoo is for you. As a sample here the joker image seen most often in tattoos is Jack Nicholson from Batman. Try a close up of the face in light colors around the bottom of the eyes and nose with everything else in dark shading. This will leave the red lips standing out very well.

Scary Clown Tattoos
– Scary clown tattoos are not only a cool looking tattoo but have a great shock and awe value as well. First you will have to decide on how scary you want to go. Try a view of the classic white face clown with lots of dark shading around face and stringy hair hanging to the shoulders. The Eyes and nose detail along with a jagged scary curving over the top of the eye will look great. With a table knife dripping in blood will give a look of not an easy fast kill. Scary clown tattoos like this are very chilling and make a great design. Happy Clown tattoos.

Happy Clown Tattoos
– Happy clown tattoos are a fun design to create. Everyone loves a happy clown. If you have kids they will enjoy this tattoo for many years to come. Try a cartoonish look in the design, with bright bold colors and a wacky hat with small ornaments all over it. The smile and eyes play a key role here to make everyone laugh. The cherry nose and crazy neck tie will give a nice soft appearance to your happy clown tattoos.

Jesters Clown Tattoos
– Jester clown tattoos are a popular tattoo design today. They have al long history in the tattoo world. The jester clown is well known as the prankster, joker and all around entertainer. The motley style hat made of cloth with three droopy points with bells is kind of their calling card. As a tattoo idea here for jester clown tattoos try a jester clown head with a three colored hat with gold bells at the end, and a huge wide open mouth grin from ear to ear. Dark eyes and good teeth detail will finish the tattoo off nice.

Men’s Clown Tattoos
– Men’s clown tattoos are often seen today in a comical or scary image for some of you men who may want something a little different. The tribal design pattern as the basic design works well in the tribal flame pattern and looks great in dark ink. You may also consider a cartoonish clown face of your kid or kids for popular with the family men’s clown tattoos.

Girls Clown Tattoos
– Girls clown tattoos are often seen as an image of themselves. The image of the clown tattoo you choose may be sad, scary or even funny but use your features and clothing style when you can. Soft colors and highlights will be key here in this design. Scary girls clown tattoos are on the rise in popularity in the last few years and the girls are not holding anything back in the shock factor. Try a jester clown look, with long hair and possibly your face, feathers with very demonic eyes and a good cheek scare. The hat with in a three different colors with gold bells hanging off each end will give a great final touch.

Meaning depends on which variation you are getting tattooed. Remember though, in the end, your tattoo symbolizes what you want it too. In saying that, below are the meanings behind each clown tattoo design

  • Happy Clown- Happiness, Laughter, Joy, Playful
  • Gangsta Clown- Life Of The Streets, Criminal, Money, Structure
  • Killer Clown- Incarceration, Murder, Evil, Despair
  • Sad Clown- Unhappiness, Misery, Depression, Mistakes

Many men and women believe that clown tattoos are often used to symbolize the way we feel or the person that we are. For someone that likes to prank others, you may want to choose a happy clown tattoo. This can also represent your carefree approach to life. If you are one that had made mistakes and your trying to find your way, the sad clown tattoo may fit you. The killer clown and gangster clown is often chosen by inmates or those who disregard authority. These tattoo designs don’t mean that you are a bad person. You may just like the wicked designs that are portrayed.However, you should know that you are likely to receive criticism for it.

Clown Tattoos Ideas

Clown Tattoos is very important; you may want to conceal your scary clown tattoos from the children. For small clown tattoos good placement ideas are the shoulder, forearm, chest, lower leg and ankle. Larger work looks great on the upper back, upper arm, chest, waist, upper leg.