Clover Tattoos

Clover Tattoos Clover Tattoos

four leaf clover tattoos are adorned with flowers surrounding the actual clover to add some color and dynamics to the tattoo. Others feature ribbons or sashes encircling the clover and giving the tattoo a grander, even regal appearance.

Largely due to its color, as green is typically a brain trigger for refinement, wellness and satisfaction. The smell of clover is sweet, and studies have shown it induces a feeling of calm – this is also adds to the symbolism of attainment and contentment associated with shamrocks.

Clovers are herbaceous plants with three leaves. The young clovers called the shamrocks. A shamrock is the traditional symbol of the Irish. It is believed that Saint Patrick coined the symbol for the Irish, representing the Holy Trinity. Occasionally, the clovers have four leaves. These rare four-leaf clovers are a symbol of luck.

Clover Tattoos – History

When St. Patrick traveled to the Ireland to convert the native peoples to Christianity, he used the local beliefs and theShamrock leaf to illustrate the mystery of the HolyTrinity to the people of Ireland. St. Patrick taught that the one true God was divided into three: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, when preaching Christianity to the Irish people – just as represented by the shamrock.The notorious four-leaf clover is still considered a good luck symbol today because of its rarity. Each leaf symbolizes a different lucky characteristic:

  • Respect
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Health

The notorious four-leaf clover is still considered a good luck symbol today because of its rarity.

Clover Tattoos – Meaning and Design

Clovers’s legend actually started in Ireland and there it is associated with all the beautiful and wealthy things like rainbows, gold, etc. As you must have guessed that it is very difficult to find a four leaf clover, so, the best way to own it is to have it inked on your body. Yes, they are the in thing these days.A four-leaf clover tattoo is used to symbolize good fortune and good luck. In the four-leaf clover, each leaf carries a meaning.

  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Luck

Meaning of clover and shamrocks deals with growth, financial gain, success, good health and achievement. Clovers can be drawn with flowers, shapes names, fishes and many other things. The four leaves of the clover mean luck, hope, faith and love respectively.

Clover Tattoos Ideas

Clover Tattoos  or Shamrock Tattoos  are not only popular among the Irish, they are popular across the globe. Their most noted symbolism is that of good luck as well as being the unofficial symbol of Ireland (the official symbol is the harp). Requested by both men and women, most shamrock tattoos are small in size, usually done in green or black ink, and are commonly located on wrists, forearms, feet and ankles.