choosing first tattoo designNowadays, tattoo is considered to be art. There are many proofs that tattooing dates back to 10,000 years B.C. which means that inking is older profession than “the world’s oldest profession”.  You should be very careful when choosing your first tattoo, because if it’s done properly, you will probably want to get another one. You can easily get addicted to tattoos. It depends on your character and personality whether you’re going to end up with one or bunch of tattoos. Once you get your first tattoo you are entering the “inked” club. After the initiation, all the opportunities are open.

First tattoo represents a personal statement of who you are or who you want to become. There are several basic rules to consider before you sit on a chair and take off your shirt. The first step is crucial and the hardest one – choosing your tattoo. It can be some kind of symbol significant to you only: a quote, a picture or name of your loving one (be very careful with this one, especially if it’s a girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s name). Maybe the joke which you find very funny now won’t be funny in ten or so years, and you’ll still have it on your skin. King for a day, fool for a lifetime. Do some serious research and find out every significant meaning of the desired tattoo. Be creative and use your imagination to combine parts from many designs to create your unique tattoo. Tattoo is very personal and you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life.

After you’ve selected the desired tattoo, it’s time to decide where you want it to be. Remember that some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. For example, the skin of the inner arm is thinner than the outer part. The groin is another story. Only few of us, unless very drunk, can handle such pain. The more you think it all through, the easier it gets with tattoo master. Tattoo artists prefer originality. Avoid trendy tattoo designs because they will look uncool after short period of time and you wouldn’t like to meet someone with the same symbol as yours in the exact same place as yours. If the tattoo is very personal and you don’t want many questions about it, choose some place where you can easily hide it.

Next step is finding right person to do the job. Check on the internet, ask your friends, ask people online about good tattoo artist before you put your skin in a stranger’s hands.  Picking cheap places for your first tattoo may result with a crooked and embarrassing skin design that will cost you more to repair or remove by painful laser procedure. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to get a temporary henna tattoo as a trial.

When everything is done, you just have to wait for tattoo to heal. After a while, take of you band-aid and show your first tattoo to the world with pride.

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