Cherry Tattoos

Cherry Tattoos Cherry Tattoos

Cherry Tattoos are a very popular tattoo design being requested by a lot of females. There is something very feminine about cherry tattoos that has a certain allure and oozes sexuality and desire.

Even though cherry is a widely used slang term for a woman’s hymen, a piece of skin which covers the opening of the vagina and, contrary to popular belief, can be broken in many ways not just sex! A cherry can also be a slang term for a virgin.can be erotic or can represent a passionate or gambling nature. A cherry ripening on a tree can symbolize a feminine chastity and purity. A cherry tattoo surrounded by flames symbolizes desire, passion and lust.Cherry tattoos come in a variety of looks, but the most common cherry design tattoo shows one or two red, ripe cherries on a long stem – maybe topped off with a little leaf.Cherry tattoos can be used to represent the sweetness or honesty, but their popular companionship is with the sexuality or virginity. And it’s the dark red color actually which symbolizes lust or passionate love. The fruit shape is also very much similar with heart shape, which links the cherry and love more visually.

Cherry Tattoos – History

The cherry has been a longtime symbol of a woman and her characteristics emotionally and sexually. Cherry tattoos are usually associated with a woman’s sexuality. The cherry has also been a symbol of fashion and beauty. When women tan, they often choose a cherry design to place on their stomach or groin area. Cherries are placed in all sorts of clothing as well. The cherry tattoo is seen as a sexy tattoo design because its link and association with virginity.are believed to have been in cultivation since 300 B.C. Cherries were treasured by the Mediterranean people, favored by the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks, considered a cultural symbol by the Chinese, and associated with the Samurai Class by the Japanese.Cherry tattoos are not widely popular tattoos, but still there are good number of them, especially among women. Cherries, or the cherry tree, have a number of different meanings depending on the culture that the tattoo originates from. The cherry tree is also among the worlds oldest cultivated fruit trees. The tree was able to provide food and wood for various Asian civilizations since 250 BC. . The wood from the cherry tree is often used for decoration, and is also considered to be among the most beautiful woods. so a cherry tattoo will most likely be interpreted as having sexual overtones. Interestingly, the slang term could have originated from early Christian belief, which viewed cherries as the “Fruit of Paradise.” Early Christian art often showed the infant Jesus – he of the virgin birth who was pure at heart – as holding cherries.

Cherry Tattoos – Meaning and Design

The cherry tattoo is very symbolic and has a variety of different meanings. Although the cherry most commonly is associated to sexuality and virginity, there are more meanings that don’t represent the sexual nature. Below are the cherry tattoo meanings.

  • Love
  • Innocence
  • Chastity
  • Virtue
  • Virginity
  • Sexuality
  • Willing
  • Sweet
  • Freshness
  • Youth
  • Kindness
  • Success
  • Dreams
  • Goodness
  • Purity
  • Morality
  • Fertility
  • Femininity
  • Desire

The meaning of the cherry tattoo also varies according to whether the cherry is on the tree or has been plucked from the tree. A tattoo that depicts a cherry still on the tree, is said to represent the innocence and purity of a woman. It is a symbol for virginity, purity or chastity.The flavor is intense and the color is strong, and it has also been looked at as a symbol for the first sign of love,. A cherry that has been plucked from the tree or a dripping cherry pierced by hands or the mouth represents the loss of virginity and correlates to a woman’s lost innocence, lust, and ability to inspire lust.Once plucked, however, a cherry represents the loss of innocence and virtue. It has a strong erotic significance and is considered to have various representations of sexuality.

Cherry Tattoos Ideas

Cherry Tattoos are already sexually charged symbols, the placement of the tattoo can make a great difference in its interpretation. A cherry tattoo on the hips, lower back, chest, or on any other area that is covered by clothing, exemplifies the cherry as a symbol of lust and fertility.

Other placements, including those on the arms,wrist, legs, bikini area and upper back can also be sexy, these are less mysterious and add a fearless, flirty feeling to the tattoo.

Where else to place the cherry tattoos but on sexy areas of the body that will enable women to flaunt them in a flirtatious way. This ink design can be most popularly seen at the lower hip area, breast, lower back and even groin area. Since this tattoo is normally on a smaller scale, it can also be seen inked on the wrist, foot and ankle.