Cartoon Tattoo Ideas

Cartoon Tattoo Ideas Cartoon Tattoo Ideas

Disney tattoos of course can account for many cartoon tattoo ideas since they have been around for many years and created tons of interesting characters. Of course Disney tattoos are most popular among girls. Tinkerbell tattoos are extremely popular, as she’s not only a loveable spunky character, but a fairy which makes her an interesting subject. Of course all of the Disney princesses are popular among girls who want very feminine and pretty tattoos. Looney Tunes are another popular tattoo idea, especially in the 90s. Everyone has a favorite character for different reasons whether it’s Bugs Bunny for being a smart-aleck trickster or Taz for being a loveably wild beast. Betty Boop is another classic cartoon that makes a great tattoo for girls. The Simpsons is another great inspiration for tattoos with more than 20 years of hilarious moments and a whole town full of great characters that live in Springfield.

Cartoon tattoo ideas are made up of images from when we were children, and can thus represent a simpler and happier time. Take, for example, Mickey Mouse, who is an extremely pervasive image created by Walt Disney. This is just a small example, but the overall inclusion of the cartoon mouse as a piece of American culture can represent close ties with childhood and innocence. Many other cartoon mascots and images can be used to the same creative end.

Cartoon tattoo ideas help you to live your life from your innocent childhood days to the biting realities of adulthood. There are also people who like to combine serious tattoo designs with light funny cartoon character designs. This gives an unexpected twist in the designs and is really funny and unusual.

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