Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Some butterfly tattoo ideas below are preferred by men and some are for women.

Back Butterfly Tattoo Ideas  for Women

The butterfly back tattoo and its symbolism to express certain innate emotions. Besides adding to the feminine feel, you could use this tattoo to symbolize rebirth and transformation. These tattoos have also been linked to freedom. Some cultures link the butterfly to soul, so you could flaunt a butterfly tattoo on your upper back or lower back to express your spiritual side or the journey of your soul.

Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo Ideas  

Shoulders Butterfly Tattoos patterns are generally put on a corner, second quit as well as appropriate shoulder blades using patterns thinking for you to almost everything under the rainbow. While using neck as a significant canvas pertaining to design only a few photographs find it difficult contouring on the easy floor. A new Shoulders Butterfly Tattoos can often be decided on because segment discovered for the 1st tattoo for the quickly unknown spot. In addition there are the front Shoulders Butterfly Tattoos designs that happen to be somewhat a lesser amount of common then this rear, generally as a result of additional distressing technique of request throughout the boney parts of the top the front neck.

Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo Ideas  for Women

Lower back butterfly tattoos for girls look amazing when you have one huge butterfly or many small butterflies flying at the beginning of your hip. If you are going for butterfly tattoo in your inner thighs, one butterfly tattoo will be simply the best choice for you. A stretched butterfly tattoo at the lower back also looks excellent. Tribal Lines along the butterfly tattoo makes the tattoo look quite appealing.

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