Bull Tattoos

Bull TattoosSpeaking of animal tattoos, nothing is more appealing than bull tattoos because the bull tattoo ranks among the most popular. No other tattoo expresses masculinity and strength quite like the bull. There are different styles for bull tattoos, also coming with different colors and designs.

Bull tattoo ideas can go in several directions. They can convey power, authority and confidence. Or, they can illustrate peace and a deep honor for the sacredness of spirituality. Aside from astrological associations of bull tattoos, it can also be an expression of the wearer’s personality; that is to say, the person who wears them may see themselves as being strong, impulsive and temperamental. Bull tattoos can have a calm appearance or they can be raging mad.

The bull also shares symbolism with the Taurus sign in the astrological zodiac. In this perspective, the bull is symbolic of stability, comfort and self-assurance. The bull is associated with both the sun and the moon in mythology. The celestial connotations can be used to create some extraordinary pieces. Bulls have been labeled the “beasts of burden” taken on tremendous tasks of strength in order to help mankind in our labors. Bulls do this with a stoic nobility.

Although some people like to use a more realistic appearance, many people like to use the cartoon style for this piece. One of the main associations between the Taurus and those born in the constellation is “stubbornness”. Although they have the characteristic of being stubborn, they also have a playful and loving personality. The bull is a symbol of the sun. To be sure, if you want your tattoo to express a powerhouse of will, and a force to be reckoned with – the bull is a clear choice.