Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoos, so what is the meaning of it? Each tattoo type has its own meaning, Bird tattoos are said to be as a symbol of renewal and rebirth, of hopefulness and optimism. Spring is an uplifting time of year and birds are signs of this hopefulness and positiveness.

In broad terms, birds are freedom symbols because they have the ability to fly, making them seem boundless. All over the history, man find the flight of birds to be intriguing and enchanting. They say that birds are often seen as a connection to the heavens or the after-world. Most types of birds instill positive feelings in people. Likewise, most bird tattoos have positive meanings, although the precise significance differs by culture and region.

There are several bird tattoo styles like robin birds, doves, bats, owl, bald eagles and more. Each of them has its own meaning.

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