Bird Tattoo Ideas

Bird Tattoo IdeasBird Tattoo Ideas

Dove tattoos, in particular, are a symbol of peace.  White doves usually represent innocence.  This is why you sometimes see white doves at weddings.  Owls usually represent someone who is extremely wise and intelligent.  People will often get owl tattoos to portray their mysterious personality.  Hawks and eagles are usually viewed as political statements when people get them.  Since we usually think of the United States when we see an eagle, people will get the eagle tattoo to represent their love for the country.

Birds are such a diverse species that their tattoos have a mixture of symbolic meanings.  While most are pleasant like the dove and the owl, some are quite unpleasant.  For example, the peacock typically represents vanity.  A person who needs to have the newest clothes and is very material will usually be the one with a peacock tattoo.

Bird Tattoo Ideas – Dove Tattoos

Dove tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. As we know, dove stands for peace and hope. Dove tattoos also have biblical allusions, like, the dove is said to be the bird who brought the twig to Noah, which signified the flood. It is used to represent the Holy Spirit in the Bible. Besides the religious meanings, the dove is also said to be the symbol of love, love for the society. Interestingly, there is one more meaning to dove tattoos which is not so popular, according to this meaning, dove represents death, to be precise, it represents the journey of a person from earth to heaven. Whichever meaning you take, all the meanings are noble and that is the reason dove tattoos are not gender biased. Men and women both can get a dove tattoo done.

Bird Tattoo Ideas – Eagle Tattoos

This is one of the popular bird tattoos, especially amongst guys. In general, eagle tattoos are said to be a symbol of strength, independence and fearlessness. The American eagle tattoos are a symbol of honor, patriotism and spiritual growth. Bald eagle is a national symbol of America and is more associated with freedom. One of the popular bald eagle tattoo design is of the eagle with its wings spread and American flag in the background. If you want to get an eagle tattoo design as a symbol of strength, you can opt for the classic design of a soaring eagle, who is ready to jump on its prey!

Bird Tattoo Ideas – Feather Tattoos

Feather tattoos are among the more common tattoo designs chosen by body art enthusiasts. A feather tattoo design can have any of a number of meanings, or be a purely aesthetic option–the only person who really knows the ultimate meaning of any design is the wearer.

Bird Tattoo Ideas – Hummingbird Tattoos

Hummingbird tattoo are also quite famous among the girls. Hummingbirds were believed to have supernatural powers, it was believed that anyone wearing a wrapped dead hummingbird around their neck would be able to allure the opposite sex with ease. Hummingbirds are also considered a symbol of energy and positiveness.

Bird Tattoo Ideas – Phoenix Tattoos

phoenix tattoo is symbolizes that a person has gone through difficult times, but has resurrected and survived. It means that he or she has arisen from flames as a winner, beating all life challenges and defeating hard times.

Bird Tattoo Ideas – Raven Tattoos

Raven tattoo are popular all over the world but their meaning differs depending on the culture and origin of its owner. Nowadays in Europe people often associate ravens with war and death. But it not always was so. In Scandinavia ravens were worshipped. In northern mythology ravens were sacred birds associated with Odin – the god of magic and war.

Bird Tattoo Ideas – Swallow Tattoos

Swallow tattoo are also symbols of being together for eternity as these birds mate for life. They’re the ultimate representation of love! Couples have been known to storm a tattoo parlor days before their wedding in hopes that swallow tattoos will link their souls forever.

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