Bat Tattoos For Women

This Bat Tattoo is an authentic Dark and Gothic Tattoo. The design and concept are incredible and those wings are capable to inspire the most terrific stories.

Bat Tattoos of all the animals tattoos, bat tattoos are probably considered the creepiest and most sinister. Western civilization, mostly due to European legends, tends to regard bats as unclean, and a sign of darkness and death. Legends often portray the bat as a form of the devil and, of course, as a vampire. Bram Stoker’s 1897 book Dracula, in particular, solidified the bat as an evil creature.

bat tattoos for womenBat Tattoos For Women Meaning

Bat tattoos for women is one that has the potential to have a multitude of different meanings. In most ordinary, conventional, westernized cultures, the bat is an animal associated with darkness and mystery. Satan is depicted by Christianity as having wings similar to a bat. Popular culture associates the bat with stories like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, with vampire tales like it, and with fictional characters like Batman. That might seem simple, but Chinese and Native American viewpoints of bat symbolism offer a different perspective when it comes to what a bat can really represent.

Bat Tattoos For Women History

Native American mythology seems to compromise between the two interpretations of the bat tattoos. In this culture, the bat is seen as both a symbol of death (because of the night) and a symbol of rebirth (because bats sleep with heads down, just as a baby is before birth). The bat represents the need to die a “ritual” death before developing into a new being, and was often a key animal in initiations for shamans

Bat Tattoos For Women ideas

Base on its tribal lines, the bat tattoos for women is more symbolic than artistic. The bat wings seem to belong to a medieval dragon but, even though, it keeps looking like a bat.