Bat Tattoos For Men

Why bat tattoos? Unique in the animal kingdom, the bat is the only mammal that can fly. Although this singular ability may contribute to its abundance worldwide, there is no doubt that the bat is a successful animal, since it accounts for 20% of all mammal species. It comes as no surprise, then, that the symbolism of the bat covers quite a wide spectrum as well.

The bat is made popular through the cartoon hero Batman. Bruce Wayne is a multi-billionair who put his life on the edge in order to save the people of Gotham City. Other characters that associate with bats are vampires. There is something about the fact that vampires could live forever that make them appealing to people.


bat tattoos for men

Bat Tattoos For Men Meaning

Whether you find the bat to be appealing because of its sinister dark nature or perhaps a deeper meaning, its a great looking tattoo designs none the less.

Bat Tattoos For Men History

Bat tattoos mostly consider as creepiest and most sinister tattoo design among animals tattoos. The tattoo evoke number of symbols from the gothic to the zoological. Western civilization consider bat as an unclean animal with something related to devil. They tend to regards bat as a sign of darkness and death. Old believes often describe bat as a form of the devil and, of course, as a vampire. Early Christian art also effected by old believes. They depicted angels as having bird wings, similarly depicted demons as having bat wings. Probably, the thought came after St. Paul writing where he said that women’s hair attracts demons – so they should leave it covered during church which artist probably related with longstanding but untrue myth that bats fly into hair.

Bat Tattoos For Men Ideas

Bat tattoo designs are often coupled with a dark Gothic scene of sorts, however they are regularly seen as standalone tattoo designs as well.