Back Angel Tattoos

Back Angel TattoosOne of the most common types of Angel Tattoo Designs that you will see are Back Angel Tattoos. Back Angel Tattoos are very attractive, especially for women, and when the Angel covers the entire back gives it a presence other tattoos don’t have. The two most popular choices when getting Back Angel Tattoos are for the Angel covering the entire back as we mentioned or the other is to just get two Angel wings, one of either side of your back.

As you would also expect Men and Women tend to have different ideas for getting a Back Angel Tattoo. Men lean towards having a male Angel standing or souring with wings outstretched while women will have either the female equivalent or a sitting female Angel. Of course either of the two back angel tattoo designs are beautiful and attractive and comes down to personal taste.

So Why Get a Back Angel Tattoo?

Well many people consider back angel tattoos to be very sexy and an Angel souring outstretched gives a feeling of protection and faith. Some common meanings of having an Angel Tattoo on your back are peace, innocence, protection and faith.

Celebrities With Back Angel Tattoos

There are a few celebrities that have gone down the path of getting a Back Angel Tattoo. David Beckham is one of the most famous and well known celebrity while Justin Timberlake and Trey Songz are others.

Here are some Back Angel Tattoos to help you choose a design that you like.