Aztec Tattoos For Women

Aztec Tattoos For Women

Aztec Tattoos for Women

Aztec tattoos for women must certainly have special meaning to the one who wears them, but they have additional historical and cultural message. One of the main reasons why girls get Aztec tattoos for women is their elaborate design, details, overall beauty of the once great culture and civilization. Whether you want to possess a piece of history, something mystical or just beautifully wrapped around your bodies, Aztec tattoos for women are the way to go. Unlike many other tattoos, these designs come in many shapes and sizes which fit all. Although Aztec tattoos for women have a great significance all on their own, it’s best to choose an image which can be related to something special and important to you only. Maybe you want to recreate the whole original calendar on your back? Or you’re looking for something small and discreet that will embellish your foot, neck or ankle? In that case, you should consider tattooing just a detail from the calendar, perhaps an image of the God which is watching over your birthday. Unless you have your mind set on a tribal Aztec tattoo for women, you should definitely do them in color. Being so artistic and expressive, the Aztecs used a lot of colors, so if you’re going for the original look – do it in color.

Aztec Tattoos for Women Meanings

Aztec images are originally very virile so ladies must choose carefully when getting Aztec tattoos for women. Even though we can’t know many things for sure, we do know that the Aztec written language used pictures instead of words, which is another reason to be careful when deciding what Aztec tattoo to choose to adorn your body. It can sometimes seem simple as the drawing of a snake is used to express the word “snake”. On the other hand, the word for “rain” would have been depicted with a rain deity rather than rain itself.

Aztec Tattoos for Women History

Aztec tattoos for women have a long tradition. Although they weren’t originally designed for gentle sex, it is well known that the art of tattooing was very important in Aztec culture and their religious practices. The tattoos were inevitable part of religious ceremonies and were drawn even on children to show that they were ready to dedicate their lives to a certain god. The Aztecs were distinguished people whose warriors, if captured, would often willingly sacrifice themselves. Even though these blood sacrifices are what the Aztecs are most known for, they also had many festivals with singers, dancers and even poets. Many designs that were used on skin could also be seen as a decoration on the temples, art pieces, and buildings.

Aztec Tattoos for Women Ideas

All Aztec tattoos for women are special, but if you want to make something extraordinary you can do your children’s names or something meaningful to you in the Nahuatl language. However, if you want an illustration of some kind there are many to choose from. One of the most popular Aztec tattoos for women is the Aztec calendar, tattooed by both men and women. As it is very complex consisting of many different parts, women sometimes prefer remodeling just one part of it turning it into their own unique tattoo. The twentieth day of the calendar is marked by flowers and they symbolize deity. Eagles aren’t reserved only for warriors and men; they can also be sported by ladies. The eagle ranks high among the amazing Aztec tattoos for women because of what it represents. The Eagle was one of Aztecs’ Gods and it corresponded to South on the Aztec calendar. The Aztecs had many gods and deities so there are a lot of things you can choose from when it comes to Aztec tattoos for women. Aside from the regular images such as warrior, eagle, sun, and calendar there are some others which are equally beautiful but not so ordinary. For example, if you prefer Aztec tattoos for women done in color, you might get Chalchihuitlicue – the goddess of water. She is protector of working women and birth. Her name literally translates “Jade her skirt” but she is commonly known as “She of the jade skirt”, Chalchihuitlicue was wife of the rain God – Tlaloc and mother of the Aztec moon God, Tecciztecatl. She could be considered a protector of humans as she stood up to her husband’s reign of terror and abuse by releasing 52 years of rain. She created a bridge between earth and heaven and only those who were in her grace were allowed to cross while others were transformed into fish so they wouldn’t drown.

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