Aztec Tattoos For Men

Aztec Tattoos For Men

Aztec Tattoos for Men

Aztec tattoos for men are among the most popular and the most intricate tattoos in the tattoo world. They were once worn by warriors, brave and proud people who would gladly sacrifice their lives for their Gods if captured, while today they can be seen even on prisoners, gang members and nowadays warriors – athletes and fighters. These modern heroes – players and gang members – get Aztec tattoos for men both for their meaning and to distinguish themselves from their rivals, just like the Aztecs used tattoos to announce which God they worship and which tribe they belong to.

Aztec Tattoos for Men Meanings


Just like any other tattoo that is done in a language we don’t quite know or understand, you have to be really careful when getting Aztec tattoos for men, especially if you’re having some word inked because you might end up with something of a completely different meaning. Also keep in mind the meaning behind certain pictures – an Aztec tattoo depicting a double-headed snake or a man sitting on a chair mean you’ve killed someone, so if you get one of these Aztec tattoos for men someone might get the wrong picture even though you did it just because you liked it.

Aztec Tattoos for Men History

The Aztecs believed in human and animal sacrifices so once captured warrior would be taken to the top of the Aztec pyramid where he would have been bent backwards and gutted. At that moment the priest would put his hand inside him, pull out the warrior’s still beating heart, and offer it to the Gods. Meanwhile, others would throw his body from the top. Aztecs also believed that blood was sacred and powerful so they thought that by throwing the body down the steps of the pyramid the stone would absorb the power and strength from the warriors’ blood. Sometimes the priests even collected the skulls which they would then ram on a pole and display as evidence of power. Interestingly, some of the collected skulls were adorned with carvings which may be connected to modern-day tradition of making and decorating sugar skulls – an iconic symbol of Day of the Dead in Mexico. So this is why the warrior is one of the most common Aztec tattoos for men.

The Aztecs used to have an intricate military system which we will probably never fully understand, but we do know that “Eagle” and “Jaguar” were one of their top ranks amongst warriors; therefore some of the most represented Aztec tattoos for men are those of jaguars, eagles, monkeys and frogs. These animals were totems and when a person chooses a totem as their tattoo it is usually because they feel close to it. They all have different meanings; eagle represents power while others show things that humans love, such as silliness of a monkey.

Aztec Tattoos for Men Ideas

If you’re looking for something that will exemplify honor you can easily go with Tecciztecatl Aztec tattoos for men. Even though it might not seem that way at first glance – he was honorable. As Aztecs believed in many Gods, they believed that the universe was ruled by Sun Gods. After the first three suns vanished and the fourth one perished, Aztecs thought the gods gathered in order to decide who will be the next sun. There were two volunteers, Nanauatl and Tecciztecatl. Even though Tecciztecatl wanted the honor, he lingered at the last moment and gods decided to sacrifice Nanauatl. But as soon as Nanauatl jumped into the fire, Tecciztecatl regained his courage and jumped right after him consenquently creating two suns in the sky. The Tecciztecatl’s act angered the gods so they threw a rabbit at him which left a mark that dimmed his light so he could only be seen at night. He is sometimes shown with a seashell on his back which represents the moon.

If you’re however looking for something stronger and more powerful for your Aztec tattoos for men, choose Tecciztecatl’s father Tlaloc. He was both loved and feared. He was the god of rain and fertility but the Aztecs feared him as he could send them hail and thunder. In both Aztec tattoos for men and Aztec culture he is shown with goggle eyes and fangs. He ruled Tlalocan or heavens where those who died violently from anything associated with water, such as drowning or water-borne diseases like leprosy, came after death. If you want something classic that will honor the ancient Aztec cultures, a great choice for your Aztec tattoos for men would be the Eagle warrior. The Aztec Eagle warriors used to wear eagle heads as a sign of their rank and protection since eagles were considered mighty.

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