Aztec Tattoo Ideas

Aztec Tattoo Ideas

Aztec Tattoo Ideas


Aztec tattoo ideas are mostly based on their long history and culture. Similar to members of some other ancient tribes, Aztecs anointed their bodies with earthy colors before going hunting. Then they started painting the skin with different motifs which represented affiliation with their tribe or their position in the tribal hierarchy. The fact that Aztecs succeeded in bringing their designs to perfection at such a high level that they look modern and attractive centuries after their civilization ceased to exist,  fills us with awe and makes most of the Aztec tattoo ideas loved worldwide even today.

Religion and gods played an important role in everyday life of this ancient society. For that reason most of the Aztec tattoo ideas are related to their deities so it might be good to learn something about their culture and meaning of gods while pondering about some Aztec tattoo ideas.

Complete Aztec culture is imbued with religion and beliefs so many of the Aztec tattoo ideas are rooted there. Numerous deities in their religious Pantheon were inherited from other Mesoamerican nations. The most important cult was that of the Huitzilopochtli, god of war, and a source of numerous Aztec tattoo ideas, especially for men.

To understand Aztec complex religious system we should, in addition to breaking our tongue, also break our minds – which, of course, we won’t. But it will be interesting to peek into the world of Aztec tattoo ideas.

So, where do most of the Aztec tattoo ideas come from? One of Aztecs beliefs about the creation of the world refers to Ometecuhtli. The myth speaks of god as the supreme creator of earth and other gods. He was known as Lord of Duality characterized by bipolar nature of both male and female – the male was known as Ometecuhtli and female as Omecihuatl. A real challenge when it comes to representing Aztec tattoo ideas derived from this legend.

Both sun and moon are represented in the tattoos of this ethnic group and if you’re looking for something to draw from for Aztec tattoo ideas, this myth might just be the perfect thing. Coatlicue, the Mother Goddess of the Earth, had one daughter and four hundred sons. When Coatlicue became pregnant with Huitzilopochtli, the future god of war and one of the most important figures in Aztec culture, her daughter gathered all the brothers and convinced them to murder the mother, holding her prurient. During the attack on his mother Huitzilopochtli came out of her womb painted all in blue, in full armor, holding a fiery serpent which he used to cut down his sister and most of his four hundred brothers. This myth represents the superiority of the sun over the moon, as his sister became the moon when he threw her head into the sky. Suitably, Sun is one of the most popular Aztec tattoo ideas.

Tezcatlipoca was known as the god of fate, war, discord, culprits and vice, he is often compared with the Christian Lucifer. The story of Tezcatlipoca dates back to the time of the Toltecs who told a tale of the mirror made from the dark obsidian glass which could be used to see the future and people’s intimate fantasies. Tezcatlipoca hid the mirror to prolong human suffering During famine. He was also the patron of nocturnal activities, such as adultery and theft. Because of all the things he represents he is one of the popular Aztec tattoo ideas, usually painted with a black and yellow stripe across his face and with a mirror or a bone instead of his right foot.

Tonatiuh was the God of sun and he demanded human sacrifices, many wars were fought for him, the most famous being so called “flowery wars”. The aim of these wars was to gain new prisoners whose hearts would be offered to the god. According to the Aztec’s beliefs only the souls of warriors who have fallen in combat or were sacrificed go to the sky, together with the souls of women who died while giving birth. Aztec tattoo ideas which include this motif can be very intimidating, but at the same time artistic and impressive.

One of the best Aztec tattoo ideas for all those who love rain or nature in general is Tlaloc – God of rain. His name is derived from the word “tlalli” which translates “earth” and suffix “oc” so it literally translates something that is on the surface. He was celebrated with the sacrifice of human blood, mostly slave children or nobles’ second born children, during the festival of Atlcahualo. It was a small price for the fertility he provided to the lands.

Quetzalcoatl was the God of air, wisdom and the teacher of the peace skills. This partly god and partly a cultural hero was a real role model so feel free to use his representation for some of your Aztec tattoo ideas. When translated from Nahuatl, Quetzalcoatl means “a feathered serpent”. He was considered the patron of the royal family, and the creator of the ritual calendar, teacher of the agricultural arts and the protector of craftsmen. He was one of the rare deities who didn’t require human sacrifice. Many myths speak of his conflict with the dark god Tezcatlipoca who tricked Quetzalcoatl into sleeping with a celibate priestess. When he found out what had happened, he called upon all the snakes and used them to make a raft to return to his birth country Tlapallan where he burned himself as repentance and transformed into the Morning Star, a symbol that can be found incorporated in numerous Aztec tattoo ideas.

But, before you decide on the Aztec tattoo ideas and designs you want to wear on your skin, you have to know that the location of the tattoo was also very important for Aztecs. Every part of the body had a different meaning and symbolism. Both the design and the location were sacred and used in different ceremonial practices starting from childhood, therefore every tattoo related to this tribe has a meaning, and most probably even a legend behind it. These were just some of them, which will hopefully provide some fresh Aztec tattoo ideas.

There are a lot of interesting and intriguing things about the Aztec culture which fit perfectly into Aztec tattoo ideas and designs. Whether it’s their calendar, Eagle, Warrior or any of the gods mentioned above, one should always wear an Aztec tattoo with pride and honor, the same way they did. In order to come up with something meaningful, unique and special, don’t rush and feel free to put some thought in your Aztec tattoo ideas.

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