Astrology Tattoo Ideas

astrology tattoo ideas Astrology tattoo ideas have gained tremendously in popularity lately. It is an excellent way to add some unique personalization to your design that speaks specifically about you and where you come from. Astrology has been a part of our culture and other cultures for generations. Each society has its own unique way of looking at the stars and constellations and drawing meaning from them.

Keep reading for Astrology Tattoo Ideas for each individual Astrology Star Sign.

Pisces Astrology Tattoos

Pisces Astrology Tattoos may either be 2 fish swimming in opposing directions, or the symbol of two vertical curved lines facing in opposite directions with a horizontal line running through them.

Sagittarius Astrology Tattoos

Sagittarious Astrology Tattoos are extremely popular especially among those who are fascinated with the supposed influence and power of the stars in relation to people’s destiny and life.

Aries Astrology Tattoos

Aries Astrology Tattoos as a bold and adventurous character of the person bearing this znaka. Glif which is similar to the letter “V” just below the curving is a great start for this tattoo design.

Cancer Astrology Tattoos

Cancer Astrology Tattoos are the crab and looks like the number 69 resting on its side. In mythology, Hera sent the crab to help the hydra that was in the middle of the battle with Hercules. The hero stomped and squished the poor crab.

Leo Astrology Tattoos

Leo Astrology Tattoos looks like a lion’s mane, which makes sense since Leo is the lion. It is also represented by the Nemean Lion, a creature with an invincible hide that was beaten by Hercules. In the tarot, Leo represents lust and strength.

Taurus Astrology Tattoos

Taurus Astrology Tattoos are ruled by Venus and is sweet, patient and respectful! People born between April 21st and May 21st carry this zodiac sign which is an earth sign. Taurus can however be as stubborn as a bull when it comes to what they believe they would like to do.

Libra Astrology Tattoos

Libra Atrology tattoos mean the soft feminine side is dominant. The Zodiac sign is a set of scales, representing your evenhanded temperament. Libra tattoos can be colourful and decorative, depicting your soft sensitive side. The image of the scales can be drawn with colourful backgrounds or with objects worked with them.

Aquarius Astrology Tattoos

Aquarius Astrology Tattoos is the water bearer and the constellation of Aquarius comes from the story of Ganymede. An alternative familiar symbol of Aquarius is that of a man pouring water out of a pitcher.

Scorpio Astrology Tattoos

Scorpio Astrology Tattoos bring out the darker side of the personality to the fore, and are considered to be quite dangerous. One view is that people having Scorpio tattoos can be extremely dangerous, like the sting that is present in the tail of a scorpion.

Gemini Astrology Tattoos

Gemini Astrology Tattoos symbolizes strength and leadership! It great for a hardcore look to, but if you are a leader type person or very strong the Gemini tattoo would be great to represant that! And it just look cool for that fact.

Virgo Astrology Tattoos

For Virgo Astrology Tattoos The letter M is inked for Virgos most of the time, because this glyph showcases all of the attributes of a Virgo. Some people go for inking Virgin Mary or any virgin young girl to represent their zodiac sign Virgo.

Capricorn Astrology  Tattoos

Capricorn Astrology Tattoos are an earth element sign, and is ruled by the planet Saturn. The legend behind Capricorn is varied and unclear. The story told most frequently is that Pan, the pipe-playing god of herdsmen who had the upper body of a man and the lower body of a goat, was trying to escape the monstrous god Typhon.

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