Armband Tattoos For Men

Armband Tattoos For Men

Armband tattoos for men are among the most popular types of tattoo, especially the tribal armbands and for pretty obvious reasons – on the one hand, armbands look really impressive, but on the other hand, they can be easily hidden when needed. An additional reason for the popularity of the armband tattoos for men  is that their form is very flexible and able to endure various designs.

Armband Tattoos For Men Meaning

The symbolism of an armband is closely connected to that of a chain or a barbed wire – all of them represent restraint. These types of tattoos are a perfect way for people to convey a message of being a captive or in a state of lacking personal freedom – physical, mental or financial. Through the armbands, people are able to express, in a creative way, their feelings about something that happened to them or to the people they are close to.  This is a tattoo of choice for many who experienced captivity, abuse, or were victims of kidnapping.

Armband Tattoos For Men History

In the last twenty years or so, the armband tattoos for men are constantly growing in popularity. The explanation for this phenomenon is simple – not only that armbands are a great way to express the artistic talent of a tattooist, they are also perfect if you want to highlight parts of the body that you are most proud of.

Armband Tattoos For Men Ideas

The armband tattoos for men may have various designs because they can combine different styles in only one form. Depending on the style and design, the armband tattoos for men can be powerful and daring, but also refined and gentle. The barbed wire or dragon will look excellent on strong biceps, while more delicate motifs like flowers or vines will be a nice decoration on slender arms.