Armband Tattoos

Another common design for tattoos is the armband tattoo design or armband tattoo type. What is the meaning of the armband tattoo design? Sometimes meaning of the tattoo is not easily understood by the viewers, sometimes it is misunderstood. As we all know, tattoos on human body reflect the character or personality of an individual wearing that kind of tattoo.

There are three basic designs of the armband tattoo – Hawaiian armband, the barbed wire armband tattoo and the solid black armband tattoo. Each of these designs has its own meaning. So, Hawaiian armband designs draw the inspiration from the ocean, images like dolphins, ray fish, waves and flowers look great as an armband. As regards the barbed wire armband tattoo design, it was originally a symbol of barb wired fences in prisons and used among Russian mafia members to signify that they were incarcerated, but later on it got somewhat broader meaning. The third armband design, a solid black ring, was used by some Yakuza members as a way to show the number of their crimes – one ring for one crime.

Here is the video of the armband tattoos and some images for your reference.

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