Armband Tattoo Ideas

armband tattoo ideasArmband tattoo ideas may not be the most common type of tattoo but they are still equally desirable. There is no end of designs, ideas, and inspirations for armband tattoos. Now, it would be wrong to say that armband tattoos are mostly worn by men, as women love getting fashionable armband tattoos as well. While it is a great ornament for those who love flexing muscles, lean arms can also be accentuated by a lovely armband tattoo.

Armband tattoo ideas are inked widely. They are mostly used because of their simplicity, small size and uniqueness. They are marked on arms as alternative to a tangible armband. These tattoos look like the bracelet, armband and any other ornament. These are fixed and permanent on the arm and vary from simple design to complex designs and are suitable by persons of all ages.

There are plenty of Armband tattoo ideas around, as a Armband tattoo can be anything from a bicep tattoo to a feminine wristband there are plenty to choose from. It’s a popular superstition that tattoo artists consider it bad luck to complete the circle of an armband tattoo, which is why they always leave a small gap to leave the circle open.

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