Aquarius Tattoos For Men

Aquarius Tattoos For Men

Aquarius Tattoos For Men

Aquarius tattoos for men, among other zodiac tattoo designs, are always at the top of the popularity polls, and for a good reason. It is hard to find better way to express who you are and tell your story than this. Creating and personalizing images to convey Aquarian’s magical charisma and rebellious nature is pretty easy. After all, there’s a lot to choose from, starting from the colors and lines, to the complexity of the Aquarius tattoos for men themselves.

Even the glyph for Aquarius can be a work of art since it’s consisted of two wave-like horizontal lines – a straightforward image which leaves room for personal touch and adjustment to your own character and desires. You can leave it simple and wavy with colors resembling the ocean to speak of Aquarian’s tranquility and steadiness, or you can incorporate ornaments in a form of flowers, plants, animals or something else you find to be an excellent representation of your true personality.

Aquarius tattoos for men should capture the sentiments of Aquarians themselves, which means they have to be a perfect blend of sexiness, intelligence and fun. Since males born under this sign are pretty independent, their motto “live and let live” can be a motif for Aquarius tattoos for men, either as a quote or incorporated into a design which has to be untraditional and unconventional seeing that Aquarius men don’t pay much attention on others’ opinion and social norms. They just want to enjoy the world and what it has to offer.

Aquarius Tattoos For Men Meanings

Aquarius tattoos for men can be very personal. Although people born under this sign share some common characteristics, every men Aquarius tattoo has a hidden meaning known only to a person sporting it. Aquarius is very interesting zodiac sign as these people are excellent observers, extremely sociable and dedicated. On the other hand, they are changeable and dreamy, still devoted when in love.

If you believe in horoscopes, Aquarius tattoos for men are a great way to show the world some of the traits typical for your star sign. Unlike some other zodiac signs, Aquarians have a wider choice when it comes to tattoo designs. Being ruled by Air, Aquarian’s changeability and energy can be presented through some images related to this element, but the hallmark of the Aquarius sign is a water-bearer, a symbol of freedom, spirituality, life and, who would say – homosexuality.

Similar to water-bearer, it is very common to use water and marine symbols for Aquarius tattoos for men . Waves, dolphins, rivers, oceans, turtles, ocean deities can all be used for men Aquarius tattoo images. It is easy to express your creativeness, individuality, love for humankind, and self-confidence using these symbols.

Sometimes, even people who were not born under this sign choose Aquarius tattoos for men to accentuate their free spirit and rebellious nature. In a word, Aquarius is so much more than a zodiac sign!

Aquarius Tattoos For Men History

Aquarius tattoos for men have long history. Aquarius is one of the oldest constellations, probably known even before the Babylonians, although the first images of the water-bearer were carved on the stones and seals in the second millennia, the period when Ancient Mesopotamia was at its peak.  For people of Babylon, the water-bearer represented god Ea who was the ruler of all gods and responsible for the annual flooding of Nile. He was also a god of wisdom, waters, magic, arts, crafts, building and farming.  People considered him to be both good and bad – he was bringing fertility and life to the soil around the river Nile. On the other hand, the floods were sometimes so destructive that many people were killed or left homeless.  God Ea was usually depicted as a seated deity outpouring streams of water.

According to the ancient Greek mythology, Zeus was angry with humans, not only for their bad and immoral behavior, but also because they didn’t pray and worship the gods. He flooded the Earth to wash everything clean and punish the humankind for their wickedness. The only to survive the disaster were Deucalion, a son of Prometheus, and his wife Pyrrha who, warned by Deucalion’s father, built an ark and thus lived through the nine days of flood. As the waters withdrew leaving the bear land, these two felt lonely and asked an oracle about how to provide some company. The answer was given in a form of an obscure message: “Throw your mother’s bones over your shoulders”. They interpreted this as to throw stones onto Mother Earth and so they did. The stones Deucalion threw became men, while the stones his wife tossed turned into women. Accordingly, because so much water fell during his reign, Deucalion was represented in the sky as Aquarius.

Aquarius tattoos for men are often inspired by another legendary character. In Greek mythology, Aquarius is also identified with Ganymede, a shepherd boy Zeus fell in love with. He turned himself to an eagle, kidnapped the boy, and took him to Mount Olympus to become a cup-bearer to gods. Ganymede was given immortality and eternal youth but, although all of the gods adored him and enjoyed his beauty, he couldn’t stay there because Hera, Zeus’ wife, burst into uncontrollable jealousy and started attacking him so Zeus had to hide him in the skies as the constellation of Aquarius.

So, as you can see, much inspiration for Aquarius tattoos for men can be drawn from the undoubtedly impressive myths and legends of the old world.  The choice and the looks of the final design depend only on your creativity and attitude.

Aquarius Tattoos For Men Ideas

Aquarius tattoos for men can be pretty small, yet noticeable and striking. Since people born under this sign are strong individuals and natural-born leaders, men Aquarius tattoos tend to be very creative and unique, and they are mostly fruits of their own imagination and effort.

However, there are some designs that can be used as a starting point for Aquarius tattoos for men. The simplest of all, but still sophisticated, is the Aquarius’ glyph. Its curvy parallel horizontal lines evoke summer, ocean and pleasure. However, if you add a jar and a woman holding it, the ocean waves turn into pure energy pouring out of the container. Colors will add up to the dynamics and beauty of this Aquarius tattoo for men.

If you’re up for some more complex designs, you can add images such as birds of paradise, hummingbirds or other tropical birds to reflect cheerfulness and joy you radiate.

Buffalo is another option for Aquarius tattoos for men. It symbolizes wisdom and movement characteristic for this sign.

Birds that symbolize freedom can be an excellent choice for a men Aquarius tattoo. Eagles, albatrosses and herons have power to rise above the earth and see hidden truth, they are strong, graceful, wise and courageous, which are all characteristics of people born under the sign of the water-bearer. For that reason, they are a perfect choice for Aquarius tattoos for men.