Aquarius Tattoos

Aquarius Tattoos Aquarius Tattoos

Aquarius tattoos are very popular tattoo designs and many people choose this zodiac sign or symbol because it’s intimate and yet attractive. Aquarius tattoos can be big pieces, such as those on lower back, or small and subtle hiding on the wrist, back of the neck or foot. Those braver will favor the sleeve tattoo where the whole story of this interesting zodiac sign can be depicted. And the story of Aquarius starts with it being the eleventh astrological sign in western horoscope, the one which is said to be masculine, positive, and creative. The same applies to the Aquarius tattoos – they are usually very imaginative and unconventional!

It is well known that Aquarius tattoos are typically made in blue or green, with waves symbolizing the water. Do you know the reason why?

Aquarius is also called the water-bearer. For that reason many people decide to incorporate the image of water into their Aquarius tattoos. It is pretty common to see a tattoo image of a young man or woman holding a jug full of water spilling it around or a beautiful woman swimming in the ocean. The relation between the water and the zodiac sign of Aquarius originates from the ancient Egyptian and Greek mythology and is based on the legends of Ganymede.

Aquarius Tattoos #1: The God of Nile

The ancient Egypt, as we all know, was one of the most prosperous civilizations of its time. It grew up on and around the Nile River, the lifeline of Egypt which people worshiped for bringing them fertile soil and water.   They believed that Aquarius brought fertility to this region, and that he was connected to the god of Nile, Hapi or Hep who lived in the waterfalls of the river and was responsible for the floods. He was represented as a plump man with female breasts and blue or green skin, pouring water from the two jars or amphorae placed on his shoulders. Now, who wouldn’t like to use these powerful and vivid motifs for the Aquarius tattoos? Hardly anybody.

Aquarius Tattoos #2: Abduction of Ganymede

According to Greek mythology, Ganymede was the most beautiful of all mortals. This gorgeous young boy caught the eye of Zeus who turned himself to an eagle and took Ganymede to Mount Olympus to become cup-bearer to the gods and made him immortal. Goddess Hera, the wife to Zeus, was the only one who couldn’t stand this boy of an indescribable beauty because she regarded Ganymede as a rival. After Hera’s attacks of rage, Zeus put Ganymede in the sky as the constellation Aquarius. This story can make some great Aquarius tattoos, can’t it?

Aquarius Tattoos #3: Ganymede and the Rooster

According to other accounts, Zeus was so smitten by Ganymede’s gracefulness when he first saw him that he gave him a rooster, a traditional gift of love. After that, Zeus brought Ganymede to Olympus as a lover. This homoerotic touch was supported by the fact that Ganymede was the only mortal that was granted immortality by Zeus himself. This version of the myth was interpreted by many artists not as abduction, but the rape of Ganymede. Anyway, this became a standard image of eroticism and is common in the Aquarius tattoos.

Aquarius Tattoos #4: Modern Aquarius

The myth of Ganymede was interpreted many times by numerous artists like Rubens, Rembrandt, José Álvarez Cubero, and others. However, in modern times, the Greek version of a man abducted by an eagle is often abandoned for the more tolerable one which includes a female Aquarius instead of Ganymede. But, although these concepts are opposed, some things they share – pouring water and attractiveness. The same can be applied to the Aquarius tattoos – they are all different, and they are all amazing!

Aquarius Tattoos #5: The Aquarius Symbol

The symbol of Aquarius resembles a zigzag sign which is supposed to represent water. It is commonly used symbol when it comes to Aquarius tattoos since it is very hard to give the expression of water. However, good artists can make this simple symbol adorable by using colors and clear lines. Putting these Aquarius tattoos on the back of the neck or some other interesting part of the body, will make it even more attractive.

Instead of the symbol, Aquarius tattoos can include other images related to the sign like Aquarian birthstone turquoise, Uranus – the planetary ruler, or even the air, the zodiac element of Aquarius. Combining these features will make your Aquarius tattoos truly unique.

The sign of the Aquarius represents a positive outgoing individuals who want to experience life in their own way. People born between January 20th and February 19th are unconventional and very curious. For that reason many of them decide to experiment with getting Aquarius tattoos.

Generally associated with water, Aquarius tattoos can be represented by waves. Some people decide to make their tattoo design more artistic, so they choose less usual images which have their roots in fantasies, fairy tales or legends. Others choose traditional portrays of a water-bearer, representing a man or woman pouring water out of the jug or a sexy image of a woman swimming and bathing in a river. The Aquarius tattoo you pick should be in accordance with your personality and must be the one that perfectly presents your individuality.

Aquarius Tattoos Meaning

Most Aquarians are practical but they also have their minds wrapped around some people and events they are close to. For that reason it is very important that their Aquarius tattoos have a meaning besides the beauty, and to remind them of someone they love.

The meaning of the Aquarius or the water-bearer is connected to purification, innocence and youth because of the water which washes away the past leaving room for the fresh start. It also has the attributes of movement and light – symbols of the independence of both mind and spirit, so even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, you can get some colorful Aquarius tattoos to highlight some of these characteristics if you possess them.

Aquarius Tattoos Ideas

Aquarius tattoos are inspired by the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Also known as the water-bearer or the water carrier, Aquarius is a sign presented by two horizontal wavy or zigzag lines on the top of each other. These simple symbols can be designed differently to correspond to the characteristics of a person that will sport the specified Aquarius tattoos.

To accentuate Aquarian inventive and independent nature, these symbols can be designed in the form of the ocean waves in solid black or blue and combined with a tribal. Aquarius is a symbol of spirituality and interrelation of Mind, Body and Spirit and was adopted as a mark of the New Age movement back in the 1960s (remember the “Hair” musical?) so it is possible to include some of these elements into your Aquarius tattoos. Although it is an air sign, Aquarius symbol always incorporates water, either as a water bearer or a jug pouring out water. These can be enriched with details such as stars or the whole constellation. In fact, anything that can be associated with water can find its place in your Aquarius tattoos.