Aquarius Tattoo Ideas

Aquarius Tattoo Ideas

Aquarius Tattoo Ideas

Aquarius tattoo ideas and tattoo symbols featuring water are probably the most common choice of people born under this sign. Indeed, there are many designs for Aquarius tattoos that somehow include water. This is not surprising if you know that most of Aquarius tattoo ideas are related to the symbol of Aquarius – the water bearer, a kneeling figure pouring water from a jug. The most straightforward meaning of water is connected to its ability to bring life and wash the wickedness away, although it is also a symbol of abundance and peace.

For believers, Aquarius tattoo ideas can be correlated with their religion. In Christianity water has really deep meaning since it represents the word of God, spirituality, it is part of liturgical mysteries such as baptism, and has a power to purify and renew the human being. God created it on the very first day and built the whole world upon it, including the man and other living beings. According to the story of Flood, it is able to destroy evil and enemies, and wash away moral and spiritual sins. It can heal, as the water of the river Jordan cured the leprosy. Numerous Aquarius tattoo ideas are based on legends such as these.

Water is a mystical and sacred element in Islam as well. Even more, Muslims believe that water existed before the Heavens and the Earth did, and that it is the substance from which everything, including the man, originated. Water is a gift from Gods and can be a great inspiration for Aquarius tattoo ideas.

In Judaism, water is an inseparable part of the Mikveh, symbolizing a change of soul and commitment to the new way of life – it washes the old away, and gives birth to the new. So, if you are religious, there are many Aquarius tattoo ideas you can find in rituals, narratives, symbols and sacred traditions. One of Aquarius tattoo ideas that fit into this description is a black Star of David, a symbol of hope and unity, surrounded by blue waves – a symbol of Aquarius.

Those who are looking for Aquarius tattoo ideas rooted in history probably already know that water and the water-bearer had a quality of giving life all the way back in the ancient times. As a matter of fact, it is believed that the water-carrier was a figure present ages ago in the ancient Mesopotamia. Life around the Nile depended on the river’s regular floods. Great amounts of water from the river would cover surrounding land bringing fertile soil to the region which would otherwise be a desert. Lives of hundreds of thousands of people were left to the mood of the river or, as ancient Babylonians believed – Ea, god of waters and streams, also known as the Water-bearer or Water-pourer, since he was usually represented as a sitting figure pouring water from the two jars –  a character commonly seen in the lists of Aquarius tattoo ideas. There is also opinion that the Water-bearer is of the Egyptian origin and that he is associated with ancient Egyptian deity Hapi, who ruled the Nile River. Dozens of Aquarius tattoo ideas come to mind when thinking of Hapi or Hapy who was usually depicted as having a blue or green skin similar to the color of the river, and pouring water from an amphora. Among lovers of large tattoo pieces Aquarius tattoo ideas emerging from these motifs are pretty popular and loved. There are numerous variations of gods surrounded by water, or overflowing jars on the skin of people who found their Aquarius tattoo ideas in the stories and folklore of the ancient civilizations.

Still, if you like mythology, but you haven’t imagined your Aquarius tattoo to look like an old man with a fake beard sitting in the river, maybe it is time to check what ancient Greece has to offer. According to, probably, the most interesting and the most imaginative folklore, the Water-bearer or the Cup-bearer of the Gods was actually a boy whose name was Ganymede. Ganymede is incorporated in many Aquarius tattoo ideas and designs. A boy who was so beautiful that the main god Zeus fell in love with him when he saw him tending sheep is well-known. The story goes that Zeus sent an eagle or turned himself into an eagle and kidnapped the boy, taking him to Mount Olympus to be his lover and a cup-bearer of the gods. Ganymede was given a gift of immortality and eternal youth but it didn’t help him live in peace with jealous Hera, so Zeus put him in the skies as the constellation Aquarius.  Aquarius tattoo ideas which include or are related to the myth of Ganymede are pretty common among homosexual people, as well as those who want an image symbolizing youth.

Apart from these motifs with historical or, at least, mythological background there are numerous Aquarius tattoo ideas which are very original and uncommon. A water droplets sliding down your neck or waves of any kind can be very interesting symbol of Aquarius.  Planets Uranus and Saturn which rule the Aquarius sign can look really impressive on skin.

Some, especially women, find their Aquarius tattoo ideas in plants, animals, and other things which are believed to be typical or lucky for their sign. For that reason, a lot of them choose an orchid, hibiscus or a Star-of-Bethlehem for their tattoo, or herbs which correspond with this zodiac sign such as fumitory and hemp.

Some other Aquarius tattoo ideas are in relation with Aquarian characteristics. Since they love their freedom almost as much as they love people, Aquarius tattoos can take a form of a bird.  Tiny bird is a perfect embodiment of what resides within Aquarians – great love for humanity and, at the same time, great inability to be intimate and close with individuals.

When speaking of Aquarius tattoo ideas, it’s good to know that finding a design for your tat is not enough. Although you can get a beautiful solid black Aquarius tattoo, it’s worth thinking about doing it in colors typical for this zodiac sign – blue, grey, and turquoise – because they look great on people born in this zodiac sign. Interesting tribal combined with small blue waves, colorful jar with water overflowing from it as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, cute asymmetrical curved lines in blue ink are just a few Aquarius tattoo ideas that you can use.

Sometimes the location means everything and that applies well to the world of tattoos. So, if this is your first tattoo it’s maybe better to choose a smaller design and put it some place hidden – it will be easier to live with it if you ever regret getting a tattoo. You will find a great number of cute small Aquarius tattoo ideas on the internet, but if you want something special it is best to ask somebody in the tattoo parlor for a piece of advice and help. However, experienced tattoo collectors can bravely choose among the armband, back piece, chest or stomach Aquarius tattoo ideas – they will surely be proud of their water-bearer image. After all, Aquarians don’t have many reasons to worry about being wrong – their innate creativity and imagination will help them pick the right one out of the abundance of Aquarius tattoo ideas.

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