Animal Tattoo Ideas

animal tattoo ideas

Animal tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo types all over the world and there are many animal tattoo ideas to choose from. Earlier cultures often thought that animals were their totems that protected them and gave power, that’s why animal tattoo designs have been widely used since the dawn of mankind. Every animal has a different character and feeling, just like people, that’s why it is important to choose an appropriate animal tattoo design to match your character. In this article we will tell you about the meaning and symbolism of famous animal tattoo designs as well as providing a whole heap of ideas to get you started.

A roaring tiger darting across your leg, or perhaps a mouse with cute large ears sitting on your arm. These are just a couple of animal tattoo ideas that could be made into tattoos. Using animals for tattoos has been popular for a long while now. Many times as humans we seek to connect to the wild life around us, this is one reason why we have zoos, and aquariums in fact a trip to either of these places can be a great inspiration for Animal Tattoo Ideas.

We also fantasize about mythical animals such as dragons, and unicorns, to know what it was like in their world. Whether it is mythical, or real life animals they can all make great tattoos. Part of the tattoo hunt challenge is to make your tattoo unique though, so you should be looking for unique animal tattoos as well.

The popular animals tattoo ideas can be found from tattoo pictures, ideas, inspiration and tattoo designs of various different animals. There is everything from insects to birds, praetors to grazers, large and small to enjoy & share with friends.

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