Anchor Tattoos For Women

Women that choose anchor tattoos for women are usually saying that they have a dominate unchanging personality, and remain steadfast or clam in difficult situations. The first depictions of anchor tattoos were done by early sailors and associated with invulnerability and achievement, women that choose this design could also be holding true to those original values.

anchor tattoos for women Anchor Tattoos For Women Meaning

Originally merchants, sailors, navy servicemen and other maritime workers started the trend of anchor tattoos. Hence, this tattoo design has been closely associated with maritime activities. The most common meaning attached to the anchor tattoo is that of holding one steadfast and strong. A number of sailors got this tattoo design inked on themselves, after they crossed the Atlantic for the first time. The early Christians were persecuted for their religious beliefs, hence they often had to meet in secret. They marked their meeting place with the anchor mark, so to as indicate the meeting point.

Anchor Tattoos For Women History

For women, anchor tattoo could mean that they have a dominating and unchanging personality. However, traditional history of anchor tattoos can be traced back to early sailors, who wore it to represent invulnerability and achievement. Creative options are limited with anchor pieces as the symbol needs to be recognized. You can still add images, scrolls, flowers or vines to make it exclusive.

Anchor Tattoos For Women Ideas

Anchor tattoos for girls can be made on the upper arm, chest, biceps, etc. A little anchor tattoo can also adorn the wrist. There are numerous celebrities, who sport this tattoo style. There is Amy Winehouse, who sports numerous tattoos of this type. Winston Churchill is also said to have got himself tattooed with an anchor tattoo. Nevertheless, I like the anchor tattoo sported by the cartoon character Popeye the most. Whenever you determine to get yourself an anchor tattoo, talk to your tattoo artist, so that you will have the ability to choose the most recent tattoo style which will suit your character the very best.