Adele, born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on the 5th of May 1988, is a popular English singer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. She was discovered and offered with a recording contract by XL Recordings when a friend posted a demo video of her on the social site Myspace back in 2006. The following year, she became the recipient of the Critics’ Choice award from the Brit Awards. Later on, she was awarded with the BBC Sound of 2008 award.

Adele Tattoo on her wrist

Just recently, Adele decided to go for a tattoo on her left hand, a text that says ‘Paradise’. This makes her our winner for the celebrity tattoo of the week. The 25-year old multi-talented artist is no stranger to this form of body art. Aside from her new tattoo, she also has the letter A tattooed just behind her ear, which was actually first seen when she arrived at the 2013 Grammy Awards. This A tattoo actually led to a lot of rumors, one of which says that it might just stand for the first letter of her son’s name.

Bang Bang, the celebrity artist who made Adele’s new tattoo possible, is known for having a long list of fans and clients including those from Hollywood. Rihanna is one of them. Justin Bieber, Cara Delevingne, and Frankie Sanford are some of the others who chose the artist for their own body art.

Adele, in pictures posted all across the web, seems very pleased with her new tattoo. But this new piece of art is reminiscent of Lana Del Ray’s own tattoo. In fact, it is almost identical. The Blue Jeans singer also has the word ‘Paradise’ tattooed on her body, in a slightly different style and font. The thing is, Lana Del Ray’s tattoo was done on the same part of the body – the left hand as well.

There are no clear meaning about these tattoos of Adele, she didn’t even mention what are the meaning of  her tattoos, well maybe she wants to keep it private though many wants to know the significance of each of her tattoos. Check out Adele Tattoos gallery below.

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